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MGM settles Vegas shooting case for as much as $800 million

MGM settles Vegas shooting case for as much as $800 million

MGM Resorts International will pay up to $800 million in a settlement with victims of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. The shooting left 58 dead and over 500 wounded. The out-of-court agreement will resolve lawsuits in at least 10 states seeking compensation from the hotel owner for physical and psychological injuries.

Hannibal 1 year

How is it reasonable to hold the hotel chain responsible? I would love for a judge to put pen to paper and explain what reasonable precautions the hotel could have taken to prevent such a tragedy.

LetsBeReasonable 1 year

The criminal responsible is dead so let's go for where the money is! It was a terrible tragedy but to blame the hotel and use weasely lawyers to steal an 800mil settlement from a party not responsible is reprehensible.

KC 1 year

But what REALLY happened!??

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 1 year

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this. Mostly frustration.

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