House Dems release texts, emails related to Trump-Ukraine probe

House Dems release texts, emails related to Trump-Ukraine probe

House Democrats released texts in Congress revealing how US officials worked to push the Ukrainian president into opening a public inquiry into Joe Biden. The exchanges show a senior diplomat saying it would be ’crazy’ to withhold military aid to Ukraine for political gains.

porcus 4 months

This will end up being another partisan media storm, with back and forth stories taken out of context. So very tired of this crap.

John Wilson
John Wilson 4 months

why should we listen to Nancy? she actually thinks Adam schiff's parody was real Trump conversation. argues with reporter even after he tries to correct her . dementia?

Matthew 4 months

I am so tired of these dribbling releases. Please provide full context or none at all.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 4 months

Release the hearing, so that we can have better context, just as Rep Jordan suggests.

Turnbow2 (Turnbow2)
Turnbow2 (Turnbow2) 4 months does this help me as an American?

Unity.Nat 4 months

The house will spin some details and instead will flop on the Democrats head just like the Russian Collusion.

John Wilson
John Wilson 4 months

person who says crazy to withhold is deep stater trying to form a narative. it says nothing of what Trump was doing or thinking.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 months

Democrats = Communists The Democrats hate America and only want to destroy Americans and America.

ExElEmEnt 4 months

"I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign." Text message from William Taylor, U.S. interim chargé d'affaires in Ukraine so, in case it wasn't obvious enough already, there's a Trump appointee talking about quid pro quo, weeks before the whistle blower report

Sip N Speak
Sip N Speak 4 months

More nothings. He even says, he wants to know if he’ll stick to his promise, and specifically no quid pro quo.

Antony Bennett
Antony Bennett 4 months

Turkies. Voting. Christmas.

TrumpBumperCar 4 months

Somebody has a link to someone doing an analysis of this?

redhandsbluefaces 4 months

The summary is misleading. The inquiry isn't into Joe Biden, but Hunter Biden. Shame on the OP if this was intentional.

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