Potential employer shames woman over bikini photo

Potential employer shames woman over bikini photo

A woman in Texas has said she was shamed online by a potential employer who took a photo of her in a bikini from her Instagram account and shared it on the company’s page referring to it as ’unprofessional’. ’I am looking for a professional marketer - not a bikini model’, the accompanying post from Kickass Masterminds read. There has been an overwhelming support online for Emily Clow since.

Kyle G
Kyle G 4 months

Well it is pretty unprofessional of an employer to post pictures of women in bikinis on its Instagram (especially if they don’t even work there), but an employer has the right to not hire someone for any reason.

Evolved 4 months

My sister is an attorney and she has the company tell her this kind of thing all the time. This is way more common than you think and is not news.

Steven Cline
Steven Cline 4 months

Unprofessional says the unprofessional company that takes photos from someone's Instagram to publicly shame them.

Kevin 4 months

I have nothing against businesses running their own business, but when it comes to shaming others who dont represent the company in any way is just sanctimonious elitism. I wonder how these people would like several hundred picketers marching around in front of their place of business and those companies who do bussiness with them being asked on camera if they approve of a company representing them chastising women for wearing an article of clothing that was appropriate to wear in the setting she wore it.

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