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Unilever promises to halve new plastic use

Unilever promises to halve new plastic use

Consumer behemoth Unilever has said it plans to halve the amount of new plastic it uses in a bid to appeal to younger shoppers. The firm is responsible for producing 700,000 tonnes of new plastic a year. Unilever plans to slash this over the next five years by using more recycled plastic and finding other alternative materials.

Ryan M
Ryan M 1 year

I work for a government run corporation in Canada. We recently eliminated all disposable plastics and replaced them with paper equivalents, as is happening across Canada right now. The new products are 70% post consumer material, 30% new material. That's a lot of carbon-soaking trees coming down, and the carbon-emitting pulp and paper mills chewing up those carbon-soaking trees are kicking into overdrive to meet the new demand. Not only does this not lower our CO2 emissions, we are now busy chopping down more and more of the trees which absorb those emissions. There have been exactly zero inquiries into the environmental impacts of this new and now government-enforced anti-plastic, pro-paper trend. No one has asked, because nobody cares: it's not about the environment at all; it's about extending the reach of government deeper into the private affairs of businesses and individuals. Once the government can tell you what kind of straw you're allowed to use, or what kind of bag, they can tell you what kind of light bulbs you're allowed to use, what kind of vehicle you can drive, what kind of clothes you can wear, what kind of food you can eat and how much, where you're allowed to work, and what kind of home you can live in. There's a word for that: authoritarian communism. It's on the march, and climate hysteria is the trojan horse it's riding in on, trampling over mentally ill teenage girls on its relentless drive toward total societal control. And no one seems to notice or care in this country. Our electorate is preoccupied with who is or who isn't racist, or sexist, or transphobic, or Islamophobic, and most of all which party promises the most "free" stuff funded by wealth transfers from the rich. Truly these are dark times.

Sir_Kutz 1 year

I love how the motivation for this is marketing and not environmental.

michael zubas
michael zubas 1 year

thatll save some money

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