’Sex for grades’ scandal hits West African universities

’Sex for grades’ scandal hits West African universities

BBC African Eye sent undercover journalists posing as students inside the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana. The female reporters were sexually harassed and propositioned by senior lectures at the institutions all the while wearing secret cameras.

Natalie Eden
Natalie Eden
Petri Fide
Petri Fide 4 months

Big surprise; I'm sure Boston University is full of this also, as how else did AOC graduate with a degree in economics and only come out with a High School Home Economics level of understanding.

SimonR 4 months

Trust bleep universities

porcus 4 months

Is anyone surprised? Nothing is fair or just outside of the West....

Paul C
Paul C 4 months

Wow, they have universities in Lagos and Ghana?!

Timmeh, Little Loud
Timmeh, Little Loud 4 months

Why is this news? Not like it's remotely a shock is it. Dindu nuffin.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 4 months

I think I heard once upon a time, something about genetic IQ differences in humans...

david dindu
david dindu 4 months

its called oral presentation

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 4 months

Who is going to hold them accountable?

Egguardo Soufflez
Egguardo Soufflez 4 months

lol Africa is retarded

white cis male monster!
white cis male monster! 4 months

But all cultures are equal!

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 4 months

This has absolutely f all to do with lower IQ, as some here would love to believe. It has everything to do with patriarchy. This is not female professors demanding sex for grades/admissions from young male students, that's a fact. It's the same in job interviews as it is in university acceptances, as it is in grades. The culture allows men to harass younger women for sex in return for favours, and it's a power trip. And no need to be so frickin smug in this notion that life just isn't like this in the West. It isn't now, but it most definitely was until not many years ago. Weinstein et al are symptomatic of the last ebbs of this old culture. What undid it? Legislation and the implementation of the rule of law.

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