Truck attack in Germany being treated as act of terrorism

Truck attack in Germany being treated as act of terrorism

A stolen truck slammed into cars in the centre of the German city of Limburg on Monday leaving several people injured. The driver of the truck has been detained. Regional police put the number of people hurt at 16 including one person in a critical condition. The driver has been identified as a man from Syria in his early 30s and police have said the incident is being treated as terrorism.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 5 months

Ban assault trucks? Welcome to the religion of peace? Get ready to be run over by multiculturalism?

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 5 months

I wonder if that was a full automatic assault truck or simply manual semi-automatic assault truck. There needs to be reasonable and common sense restrictions on assault trucks. No one needs to be able to drive faster than 25 mph.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 5 months

WOW, all those terrorist trucks and their attacks. Was it a German truck?

porcus 5 months

But the KoolAid Cult will continue to defend Islam as "peaceful"™. And deny there is any problem with assimilating certain groups of people into Western society.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months

This is why banning guns won’t work. It’s not the guns that are dangerous, rather the idea and the determination of people to kill each other. If they can’t get their hands on a gun illegally, they’ll use a truck. If they can’t use a truck, they’ll make a bomb. If they can’t make a bomb they’ll use other methods of distributing pain, misery and suffering if not death. Why let your population have ideas if you don’t let them have rifles?

Samaritan 5 months

~drivin’ down the road in the truck of peace...

Got Truth
Got Truth 5 months

This is a terrible event, however it’s hard to feel pity for Germany as this is the society they voted for. Germany is destined to be a Muslim country. Their choice. Their bed to sleep in.

Battery Salad
Battery Salad 5 months

Nobody needs a fully-semi-automatic transmission assault truck. Germany needs common sense truck control.

John Doh
John Doh 5 months

It's time we demand common sense truck control! Octothorpe Truck Control Now!

John W
John W 5 months

yea the Germans wanted to virtue signal by bring in all these migrants. they are not really doing anything about it to change the situation. So basically they should just be quiet and accept the new normal.

Bernhard Scholtz
Bernhard Scholtz 5 months

Smells like 2015 all over again

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