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Andrew 1010 6 days
Choosing money over principle. Disgusting... How DARE YOU! Not only ban him for expressing support for Hong Kongs Liberty and Independence but go as far as to take away the 10,000 dollars he rightfully Earned! Just shows the extent you will go to get into the pants of an authoritarian communist fuck of a country to get that oh too sweet market share. Fuck off with that excuse that you do not express politics as you most certainly like to fucking pander to special groups all the time. Shame on you Blizzard! For an American Company your a Shit Hole in my eyes! FUCK YOU! Edit... So you MOTHER.. FUCKERS try to lie to us and stab our values in the back as you go to a Chinese social media page saying you will defend the "Pride of Our Country!" Referring to the Communist China. You were not established in China... You were founded in America! So if you want to spit at our great nation which gave you the chance to become what you are... THEN FUCK OFF TO CHINA YOU TRAITOROUS FUCKERS! LEAVE!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO AMERICA!!!
jan morgan Froynes 5 days
Can you link that social media post? Can't seem to find it and I need to read it with my own eyes.
Andrew 1010 5 days At around the 4:00 mark.
Test Steam 5 days
@Andrew First time I've had to like a post and over look the swearing ;).

Ben B. 6 days
Is it me, or did South Park predict the future? First the NBA, then Blizzard. Almost like this is all part of a larger plan.
ICblades 6 days
it wouldn't be the first time
Cary Brown 5 days
I used to laugh at "larger plan" talk, but it's making more and more sense as these tech companies collectively ban and punish people. It's wrong and we've got to hit them where it hurts now. Turn our backs on them until they change their ways.
The Right Perspective 5 days
They also predicted all the trans madness.

Arcamean 6 days
I’ve got a sub till December but I don’t think I’ll be renewing. Plenty of other games out there that aren’t bowing to foreign demands.
The Oracle8191 5 days
Yup. Final Fantasy VII Remake releases in March. I can hold off getting my rpg fix until then.

Christopher Stone 6 days
Boycott Blizzard! Spread the word.

Little Scar 6 days
YouTube is banning content they don't agree with...such as MGTOW.

Duarte Marco 6 days
Greed over principle. Like they weren't surviving fine with the western market, they just have to dig in to the Chinese market and kiss their ass to stay in

Chris Cahill 6 days
Remember when blizzard was a gaming company Pepperidge farm does

porcus 6 days
Blizzard are greedy twats.

Jax Milovitch 6 days
Well I will never log onto blizzard net again. I’m not afraid of culling things I used to love.
Nivix 5 days
I think people like you share influence, while it may seem insignificant, it multiplies in our numbers. Though, I don't even use my battlenet account anyway ;p
Jax Milovitch 5 days
Haha I only got it back recently as my mates play Overwatch , we are all 25 and I must ask as a guy a few years into adulthood... I feel alienated in that games and other media like this seem very immature 😬

BJ 6 days

Mask de Plainview 5 days
Blizzard is also preventing people from deleting their WOW accounts for fear of people leaving in protest. Blizzard done fucked up.

Andrew 1010 6 days

Daddy Tito 5 days
It’s us or the Chinese. Blizzard has made their choice.

rj9955hi 5 days
Boycott Blizzard!

..... 6 days

Talon One 5 days
Reminder that it isn't Blizzard. It's ACTIVISION Blizzard.

Brian 6 days
They need some Tegrity (tm)

J.E.K. 5 days
You have to lower your idea of freedom if you want to suckle at the warm teet of China...

Jörmüngandur Draugur 5 days
To quote Crowder, "What a piece of shit!"

Fishing 5 days
Communism Kills.