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Dust Phoxner 6 days
Impeach Pelosi time to give her a taste of her own medicine. This is in relation to trump investigating potential corruption regarding Hunter Bidens business dealings with a Ukraine Energy Company. Hunter Biden recieved I believe a six figure sum every month from this company despite having no experience in energy. When this was initially investigated Joe Biden got the prosecutor in his sons case fired which he openly addmitted and laughed about at a Taped CFR conference. Trump merly asked Ukrain to investigate potential corruption because that is his Job as president. To which Pelosi ignorantly used this as an excuse to open an unlawful impeachment inquire. Pelosi's own son also has buisness dealing with a separate Ukraine energy company which I beleive is a conflict of interest. Pelosi has shown she has no intention of being bipartisan and that she has her own agenda to push which is impeaching a duly elected president she should be forced to resign and replaced with a speaker who will conduct buissness without partisanship.
Cory Pritchard 6 days
It was 50,000 every month. Not downplaying, just pointing it out as it is absurd in its actual amount as well.
CrankyAlly 6 days
Dust Phoxner - you are partially right but also blinded by your bias. Pelosi personally didn't want to back the impeachment of Trump, she had to be pressured by other Democrats. Also, you seem to be fine with pointing out the corruption of the Democratic party but not the Republican. They are both messed up and corrupt. Biden abused his position of power but so has Trump. Trump has used his position as President to increase his personal wealth (which is unconstitutional). He also put his family in high ranking positions in his administration despite not having the qualifications e.g. Ivanka and what he did with the President of the Ukraine was an impeachable offence. You cannot use your position as President to dig up dirt on political opponents, the 'looking out for America's interests' is Fox News level bullshit. It was for Trump's personal gain.
Pryotra 6 days
If running for president was a reasonable defense against investigation, it should work both ways. Trump is obviously going to be running in 2020, so either the Dems need to stop investigating Trump or both sides should be looked at. Also, do you have a source on Pelosi's son? I don't think I've heard of this and want a starting point for my own HW.

porcus 6 days
Republicans need to demonstrate that they possess testicles and co-sponsor and vote for this. We will see if they are still spineless turds or not.
william 6 days
impeach.on what grounds. other than shes from san Fran. and how dare a woman defy our supreme leader..get a grip. my only gripe is she waited to long.
porcus 6 days
@william, you have a little KoolAid on your chin there... I support it because Pelosi has called the clown circus together without any protocols and in total contravention of all previous impeachment proceedings. But *especially* because she has utterly violated due process. She, and the rest of the KoolAid Cult, are a serious danger to our constitution and government, and should be treated as such. It is no small thing she has done.
Michael Hedderson 5 days
If any of that was true, why is Trump phoning Moscow Mitch upto 3 times a day to check on whether his OWN party's Senators are still with him? Surely, if anything you just said was even remotely true, there's absolutely no reason for Trump to be worried, no?

Cory Pritchard 6 days
Good. Impeach her for failing to prosecute previous administrations war crimes and crimes against humanity. She has been complacent in allowing corruption to go unchecked in Washington for years now.
CrankyAlly 6 days
Sadly it's because she'd have to prosecute herself as well. She ain't gonna step down even though it's majorly hurting the democratic party.
william 6 days
like the Bush Chaney junta. those two are soaked on the blood of millions. and the slaughter continues to this day.

J. S. Dietrich 6 days

Ben B. 6 days
How about term limits for state representatives and senators?
porcus 6 days
The people who can vote that in - Congressional representatives - are not going to vote themselves out of a job. Very similar to expecting any sort of tax reform legislation from the people who made it such a mess; they benefit from the status quo.
Pryotra 6 days
Actually, Ted Cruz offered this up as a bill iirc. Would have ended his tenure in the Senate too. That's why I like having him as my senator. Not sure if he's strong enough to be a president, but he makes a fine senator.
porcus 6 days
I agree that he is a great representative; pretty sure he wouldn't be as good a president just due to the hyper-vitriolic nature of it. But putting forth a bill is very different from getting enough others to believe in it enough to vote for it.

Tin Ego 6 days
All you need is a law requiring politicians to retire at 65. You’re starting to look like the Soviet leadership over there lol
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 days
I'm all for term limits on our Congress. Unfortunately, Congress gets to decide that (as well as how much money they make). Seems like a conflict of interests to me. We should look into that.
porcus 6 days
It's corrupt, but the foxes are in charge of the henhouse, so to speak. Term limits are not the problem; corporations are pulling the representatives away from representing actual people. There really isn't a good way to implement either solution.
Tin Ego 5 days
It’s a very difficult situation you find yourselves in. How to throw the bath water out but leave the baby in the tub.

Andrew Colomy 6 days
Shes a weak fool that bends to the whims of her underlings. This is not the strength of a person that should be in line for the presidency should the first two become unable to fulfill their positions. She needs to be removed simply because she is the one lacking in structure and order to keep the House in line. They run amok, because they have no discipline.
Michael Hedderson 5 days
@Andrew. She's their leader in the House, not their dictator.

LockHimUp 6 days
Idiocy at its finest.
porcus 6 days
That's why she needs to be removed. Preferably along with Schiff.
bobby_5150 6 days
Don't forget Nadds.
Phil Scott 6 days
Agreed, she is pathetic.

Yan K 6 days
hmm... the sources for this article

AD C 6 days
Republican Rep: I'll trump the plans to impeach Trump by impeach the people who want to impeach Trump.

Lowlife 6 days
But she’s hilarious to watch flounder

Sir_Kutz 6 days
I think it would be really neat if Washington could do their jobs instead of trying out oust each other.
Cory Pritchard 6 days
I would argue that they can't do their jobs due to corrupt legacy politicians and ubelected bureaucrats on both sides of the political spectrum. We should encourage any ousting of any corrupted indovidual from government imo.
porcus 6 days
Agreed. It would be great if they did their jobs for once.
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 days
Only job I know of where you get paid to do nothing.

Dirk 6 days
Stop wasting our time and money!! If We the People do our duty we will rid ourselves of these clowns in the next 6 years. No way gets to stay!
Barry 6 days
the clown car is never ending. vote out one clown by voting in another
Dirk 5 days
Sadly you are right, we need to look forward to something though.

Herbie Goes Bananas 6 days
Where's the most trusted name in news on this one?
porcus 6 days
HaHa! I saw Tim Pool ripping into CNN's total lack of objectivity and reporting quality in today's video.
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 days
I watch Tim "It's complicated" Pool every day. 😁
porcus 6 days
Heh, he is going to burn out if he keeps talking about Trump vs the Democrats.

BJ 6 days
leave that Yorkshire Terrier pelosi alone! She is a good dog. yap yap yap! She will first in show this year.

Steven 5 days
How about instead of screeching at each other be it polish or trump... how everyone especially them grows up and discuss things like adults