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CoLpOeSnED 6 days
it wouldnt matter, Trump already won with all the bullshit the dems are throwing around
If it doesn't matter, why is Trump wasting time in Twitter bullying the opposition and proving he is a deplorable? He should be doing his job, tweet and play golf less. It's not b.s., it's called ACCOUNTABILITY.
Individual > collective 6 days
yeah it's truly deplorable to voice opposition to Turkey 🙄 the reason he's on Twitter is because it's the most direct way to put out his thoughts to his fans... I thought Twitter was for this but I guess I'm wrong
Airus 6 days
@Col wrong mindset. First you need to vote, then he will win! That is why Hillabitch lost, lazy voters

porcus 6 days
HaHa! Wow, she is delusional. I don't think she would get anywhere near the same results as last time.
Scorpio 6 days
She claims that she can beat Trump "again." I seem to remember the media claiming Trump would be the one who didn't accept the results of the election.
porcus 6 days
Right?!? And who went on a tour of the nation complaining about how everyone else cost her the election? So Very. Tired. of the Clintons.
What Hillary meant to accomplish with her win him "again" comment is to trigger the aderall twit president. He is a sore "winner" who never recovered from loosing the popular vote spreading all kinds of conspiracy theories. What a "looser". Used to lie and steal all his life...

bobby_5150 6 days
How long until the other candidates start having "accidents"???
porcus 6 days
"heart attacks". From 3 gun shots in the back of the head.
HueHueo Suezo 6 days
"Postmortem indicates that the deceased fell on the knife 30 times."
David 6 days
she already tried to get Bernie haha

Spartan Life 6 days
Oh for God sake can we get a court injunction banning this poor sick old woman from running she is clearly mentally ill and in desperate need to intensive medical treatment. I’m not joking I’m not trying to be an edgy trump support i am completely serious stop this woman before she hurts herself
You aren't a Trumptard. You are just a hypocrite. If you really care for Hillary's health and age, you should agree the present occupant of our W.H. needs to be removed from office under the same criteria. Most of the GOP leadership at the senate needs to be relocated to a wax museum.
redhandsbluefaces 6 days
@vilma do tell, what mental and/or health issues does Trump have?
Takoda Ackerley 6 days
Crippling narcissism and an inflated ego. Not to mention a severe lack of proper information, that is just increasingly embarrassing.

Got Truth 6 days
Want to bet that Trump has some irrefutable dirt on Hillary in case she tries to run again. Do Hillary, do it!
Lenwë 6 days
Like how she was supposed to hand over +3k emails and instead deleted and destroyed all evidence
K B (Midgetelf) 6 days
He doesn't need it. people know who and what she is. Even the guys who made House of Cards said they based their characters on the Clinton's.

SimonR 6 days
We need more D contenders 😂😂😂😂
Michael Tatom 6 days
Not more, better.
Cas The Demon 6 days
Yeah. They had like 12 bottom-of-the-barrell contestants like they're running like a shitty com3dic reality tv show. It's ridiculous. The only serious ones like Yang and Gabbard they try to shut down.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
DEEZ NUTS should run for President along with his running mate DAT ASS

Jackie Stewart 6 days
So, she's finally admitting that he's the legitimate president?

Michael Tatom 6 days
Wouldn’t it be sweet if she ran and lost to Trump AGAIN? Either that or be prosecuted for her role in the “coup” scandal.
Uncle 6 days
She won 6 million more than the T. Without the Vodka the Russian’s poured over her then tossing a match she most certainly would have won.

Jody Hoevel 6 days
She is the reason this 40 year straight ticket Dem voter is no longer that!
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
Ayy enjoy your walk away?
Evolved 5 days
That’s dumb.

Watheverable GRAMPS 6 days
Queen of Jackasses.

Tom 6 days
the bitch should be in jail for the shit her and her pedo husband have done
Sebastian 6 days
Yet not a single one of these idiots can get enough evidence to convict her. The only thing I can imagine is that : 1. She is a criminal, but a much better one than Republicans, who can't seem to be competent enough to scratch together the evidence required to put her in jail. That makes Donald Trump president of the idiots, which is clearly being Illustrated at the moment in the news. so why did we install a compromisef idiot criminal who only works for himself rather than a smart criminal that worked for us? 2. She is not a criminal, and was set up by actual criminals from the mid-2000s to 2016, and all of the b******* that haters have been working so hard to spread on the internet Internet is exactly that - b******* - and all the haters were duped into hating a woman with more balls the the current white house office idiot, who is a criminal himself installed by other criminals. in either case, it really speaks to the utter incompetence and idiocy of today's modern Republicans that they can't even get this women convicted on a f****** traffic ticket. I mean, they controlled all branches of government for a couple of years, they have lackeys installed in every government agency, and still unable to get her to jail. Sad, low energy! Could be worse, imagine the damage Donald Trump and his core supporters could cause if they were actually smart! I laugh my ass off and thank my lucky stars on a daily basis that Trumpers think their leader is actually smart and actually strong and actually has a plan for anything.
Uncle 6 days
A hole
EnervatedSociety 6 days
Sebastian, or it could be that you’re full of shit and don’t in fact know what’s going on because you’re not in any position to know, thus your assumptions, sweeping generalizations and wild out of your ass speculations. It’s likely that.

WWG1WGA 6 days
She must be off her meds again. He would win by even more with a proven record in politics now. His plan and vision is working extremely well while being dragged down by the obstruction of the left. if they just worked with him sky is the limit.

Bart Telford 6 days
The Clinton Foundation must need "donations"

michael zubas 6 days

Mister Manager 6 days
HC may not be sturdy enough to survive a third campaign, nevermind win

Ben B. 6 days
Yeah lmao don't tempt her into losing twice in a row

Wholly 6 days
She could beat Trump again? To what? Cankles?

Ironic Shitposting 6 days
“Don't tempt me to lose another election”

Patricia 6 days
Trump wants Hillary to run because he knows or thinks that he can beat her in election. Trump is such a coward he doesn't want no competition because he is a dictator of the United States of America and the Republican party does not want to admit it. he believes that he will win with the help of a foreign countries help, nothing but corruption from the right.
porcus 6 days
LOLWHUT You sound like you need medication.
Marcus Rogers 6 days
Wtf have you been smoking, honestly I think Hillary would be the dems best shot, the rest of the pack are clowns, the front runner is 1/1024 pocahontas, next to creepy Joe and old stalin, and stfu with foreign country's helping, you would have thought after 3 years of wasted tax money and wasted time, you snow flakes would have caught on, but no, just mad....still mad.
Jake 6 days
-Trump wants HC to run -Trump doesn’t want competition Are you trolling?

Josh 6 days
Democrats and Republicans alike are sick of Clintons being in office. This woman is delusional.