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porcus 1 weeks
$8 Billion-with-a-B is ridiculous and excessive to one dude for a pair of tits, by a few zeros.
Nika D 1 weeks
Plus this was a well known side effect of anti psychotics decades ago:
porcus 6 days
I read that as well. This judgement is mob justice; it's completely out of proportion.
pseudo 6 days
I would argue that a judgement like this is in fact in proportion. If you look at it as a cash grab / pay out for the guy then sure, its excessive. But the flipside is courts ruling to make the sum a deterrant for whatever offending party there is and making it actually proportionate enough to be taken seriously. When dealing with J&J that means billions. In other cases you get outcry that the entity in the spotlight can absorb the cost so easily that it's not achieving anything due to the sum being so small.