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SimonR 6 days
They should have been acknowledged sooner

Rational ific 6 days
That was more than good enough, I'd say!

Sothensloth 6 days
we just gonna ignore the fact that one of their last names is goodenough?
Wholly 5 days
No, we giggle about his name every time. And pub quiz nights will always laugh about it was well.

R Lewis 6 days
The utter hypocrisy of these Nobel prizes on view again. Just look at the batteries, folks. Don't turn your head. Nothing else to see here. Think of the benefits to mankind... Whatever you do, don't worry your stupid little heads about Coltan. The irony that this is the legacy of Alfred Nobel is breathtaking. I'm not even going to explain the background to this. Merely color me disgusted and Google "Coltan" if you are interested. I suspect the MSM won't give a flying feck as usual. What a joke.
Christian Kenny 6 days
R Lewis 6 days
Exactly. What? You have to do your own legwork, because it doesn't fit the MSM "Global Warming" agenda. To be fair, the Washington ComPost did a half decent story Thousands upon thousands of child slaves. Murder, corruption, wars. Central Africa in chaos. Nobel created his prizes after being dubbed "The Angel of Death" by the MSM of the time (possibly to make reparations). LiCoO2 is probably in your laptop, powering the ability of Liberals to pontificate about "A Fairer Society." See the paradox?
Christian Kenny 6 days
That’s just a day in the Congo.

Leo Miggel 6 days
their work was good enough he got recognised at 97

EpochPrime 6 days
The guys last name is Goodenough? πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

michael zubas 6 days
Good! Li Ion is awesome tech. can't wait till we make an even better ba battery!

david dindu 5 days
not good enough