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sulphide g 6 days

porcus 6 days
Excellent. Hit the globalists with higher taxes, seems like a win-win scenario to me.

Barry 6 days
we live in the age of the internet. should we shut it down?
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
Shut down the multinational monopolies controlling it.
Barry 5 days
no one controls it
Jose 5 days
The Internet is the greatest equalizer of our time. People with a smart phone can connect with anyone in the world and start a business. Quite the contrary, we should make Internet a public good, and give it to everyone in the world. Level the playing field let’s see who wins… My moneys on Africa!

Ivory 5 days
Politicians who support this will find a massive campaign of negative PR floating around the internet during their next campaign and no positive PR will be distributed. They'll lose. Facebook, Twitter, etc will continue unaba.

Community 5 days
did he finally get told to move back to usa if u tell them like it is- he will straight up America first

Donald Lungrin 5 days
Why is everyone always so clueless? These corporations are hurting no one by keeping their own money that they acquired by giving people a service. A FREE fucking service in many cases. If you want to punish up corporations that got where they are simply by giving people a free service, then you should have the build an extraordinary case for such a stupid proposition. The fact that so many people are saying this is good is a sign that no one has any real principles and don’t require actual reasons for imposing their desires on others sans consent.

Miles O'Brien 2 days
How about big pharma big banking big oil cartels big defence contractors? Wake up and smell the government rot people!