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Dust Phoxner 6 days
Now only if theyd do this to the cartels hell maybe take it one step forward and lynch cartel members than maybe you could make Mexico Great Again and you wouldn't need to hop our border.
michael zubas 6 days
The Cartels would gut all their Family Member's like fishes.
Based Haole 6 days
they are trying...there are a good many homegrown militias fighting the cartels but they need support...all the neocons in Congress have people worried about dying for Israel when we could be helping Mexico rid itself of the cartels....but nah
Levi Sutton 6 days
There's nothing to stop the next cartel member to step up and fill the power vacuum created by the US illicit drug demand

Bulwark AC 6 days
Maybe if more politicians were afraid of this happening to them they would actually try to keep campaign promises
Tha God 6 days
Wanting to introduce a little anarchy to the pot? I like this idea 👍
Dallas Grant 6 days
I don't know, Trump has kept most of his promises, yet we all know people would want to do this to him
CrankyAlly 6 days
Dallas Grant - that is false. Trump has not kept most of his campaign promises because he is a moron who entered politics to have his salary increased on The Apprentice (wish I was kidding). The most obvious being the 'wall' but I personally think the worst is saying he would bring the jobs back to the rust belt but more coal mines and steel mills have closed since he was elected. He completely abandoned them.

porcus 6 days
HaHa! I mean, (harumph), how terrible to do that to a lying politician...
Jason J Mitchell 6 days
.. and they wonder why Trump wants to build a wall
LockHimUp 6 days
Do Trump next!
porcus 6 days
I would agree with that so long as we first do it to all the Leftists in the nation first. You willing, lock?

Andrew 1010 6 days
Welp you could say his reputation has been.. dragging behind.
Malcolm 6 days
he was really burning rubber to get ahead in the election
Scribe J 6 days
obviously, he left a trail of broken promises.

Matthew 6 days
I wonder what his poll numbers were?
sulphide g 6 days
nate silver predicted he would be reelected
Googergiger Johnson 5 days
Don't know, but they're probably a drag...
NPC #2 5 days
Probably better than Macrons

BJ 6 days
I can think of politicians on both sides who need the same treatment here in the USA. Good job Mexico.
Evolved 5 days
Bernie Sanders for one, right?
BJ 5 days
No not him, I wouldn't want to soil a rope with his slime
what are you 4 days
Ok then. I hope you don't go to any rallies any time soon

sulphide g 6 days
a stable govt needs a reliable system of trucks and balances.

Julian 6 days
We should do this to our elected officials
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
I’d agree if our elected officials weren’t elderly. That would kill them.
Julian 6 days
And the problem is?
Cas The Demon 6 days
That it'd be murder. There's no justification for that.

grah 6 days
I love how a) I didnt even need to be told it was mexico, because of course it's mexico. b) These are the kinds of people (((they))) are telling US citizens to accept without limitation because muh white privilege goy.
bobby_5150 6 days
It could have been "Florida Man".

Oprahsanalbeads 6 days
you can say what you want about Mexicans, they know how to handle political corruption.
jane 6 days
No they don't. They have one of the worst cartel infestations the world has ever seen. A random bit of violence here or there, targeting one politician, makes no difference whatsoever. Every single one of their politicians is affected, and they will only be replaced by an identical one. In any case these supposed 'farmers' were protesting a road not being built to their 'farms'. Wonder what they're growing.
Lucy 5 days
The cartels aren't a symptom of corruption. It's what you get when you try to ban something in a market economy that's in high demand. Ie, the futile, pointless war on drugs. If those drugs were legalized and regulated, we wouldn't have corruption. Just like we no longer have people like Al Capone since the end of Prohibition.

Shaun Oconnell 6 days
The mayor of Londistan beware. ✝️🇬🇧
Michael Hedderson 6 days
@Shaun OConnell. Beware of angry Mexican villagers?
Spartan Life 5 days
Yes because the angry fo a crowd Mexican villagers can cross oceans

Arcamean 6 days
That’s simply one more reason we need better border security.
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 days
Hold on a second. Dems want more votes from illegals. Dems never fulfill campaign promises.... hmmm.

Indo 6 days
Ignorance is not a plea in any court. Mob rule and mib justice are ridiculous in this day n age. No mercy for people even attempting such nonsense.

Michael Belsey 6 days
I live in Canada and I'm wondering if we can do that with a Prime Minister.
ffcSquall 6 days
He'd either die before being properly tied up, or ask to be tied tighter.

greyeyeyes 6 days
"you know what we did in the old days, when we were smarter" - Trump you mean like what they do in Mexico...

Elder Millennial 6 days
I’m fairly certain they only wanted to scare him. They had ample opportunity to kill him. Being dragged for just five minutes at fifty miles per hour would have killed him for sure. They went easy on him.

Morbo 5 days
I stand corrected, I guess there are some things America should be importing from latin America.

Herbie Goes Bananas 6 days
Build the road! Build the road!

Akira Kevin 6 days
Jesus the wall. please.

Dan 6 days
This is what happens when there is power without accountability. I would also like to see the same happen to Feminism on a worldwide scale, incidentally.