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what are you 1 months
the comments "lmao we should kill our politicians here"

Janitor Jez Q and A 1 months
The last Mayor of London always looks like he has been tied to a truck and dragged through the streets.

Wholly 1 months
Let's all agree that this should not be done to ANYONE. But we can dream it because Free Thought is a thing.

IvoryDove 1 months
The police stopped the truck driver.. Who pulled out a $20. They took it and allowed him to proceed?

Michael Tatom 1 months
Our “civilized” neighbors to the south. Let’s open our borders to them.

Fishing 1 months
“Undelay, undelay! Ariba, ariba!!!!” - Speedy Gonzales

Jose 1 months
I love how the country of mass shootings says in the comments they don’t want this “behavior” coming into the country. Lmao

Mike Clark 1 months
I heard he wouldn't tell the truth, so they dragged it out of him.

Hello and Goodbye 1 months
Jeez man. What a drag...

Magister Mortran 1 months
Should become a voter's right and common practice after a politician finishes his term in office

David O'Doherty 1 months
"protesters" lol

Morbo 1 months
I stand corrected, I guess there are some things America should be importing from latin America.

Avi Khait 1 months
He's strongly tied to his city.

Rick “stretch” Clark 1 months
Spouse: "Have a good day at work!" Me: after work

Michael Mantion 1 months
police stopped the "protestors"..... right "protestors"

Indo 1 months
Ignorance is not a plea in any court. Mob rule and mib justice are ridiculous in this day n age. No mercy for people even attempting such nonsense.

Eric M 1 months
I think this article has made me pro-immigration.

david dindu 1 months
i wonder if theyre actually cartel members disatisfied with his work

Aight Bradley 1 months
When I saw this headline I guessed it happened in Mexico. I guessed right.

Fishing 1 months
Everyone who got kicked off Twitter and ended up here give a “like”.