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porcus 6 days
Sad, didn't realize that The Boris is the only sane member of his family... Their holiday dinners must be super-awkward.
what are you 4 days
"anyone who disagrees with me is insane"

Sir Dragon 6 days
Just because his Dad is part of them doesn't mean that Boris is wrong about them

Christopher Stone 6 days
Time for the home.

grah 6 days
Another reason boomers were a mistake.

sulphide g 6 days
'and by that i mean MY CRUSTY DAD' was the rest of the quote

Test Steam 5 days
Well another example of not judging the son for the sins of the father.

GUYIVKS 6 days
further proof it is the rich bastards behind the protests not really a real peoples movement? more of a wealthy bastards sheeples movement.

smeg head 5 days
how is this relevant to anything.. my grandfather is a socialist.. does make me wrong that he is a free loader.. can we get some real news please

david dindu 6 days
looks like the old bat has the kuru

HueHueo Suezo 5 days
It looks like they think everyone judges others by their metric. Because if your great grandfather's best friends dog said the N-word, they'll cancel you, from life.