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GUYIVKS 6 days
clearly facebook, youtube and twitch etc must be deplatformed as they are happy to allow violent attacks to be shown, just like tv news.
Deimantas 5 days
They took it down. It's not like they can know what is being streamed.
GUYIVKS 3 days
so they claim. funny how others are expected to know everything but the largest social media such twitch, google and facebook do not have to. even when they are informed by fbi etc. such as terrorist or paedophile sites up and running, it can take months to get them to act.

Diesel Paté 6 days
This is actually going to mess up the site. This man decided to murder Jews but doesn’t believe in the Holocaust. If he doesn’t think the Holocaust happened, does that mean he doesn’t think Hitler would want to murder them, given the way Hitler spoke about Jews? Makes no sense.
Beisht Kione 6 days
great point
J. S. Dietrich 5 days
Hitler didn't want to kill them. He just wanted them out. That's why he sent them to British Mandatory Palestine. It's called The Haavara Agreement. Remember, the Holocaust was called The Final Solution for a reason.
BlunderingFool 5 days
Additionally, TFS was the brainchild of Himmler, not Hitler. Hitler approved it, whilst possibly having already gone off the deep end mentally at that point. Kind of a reminder to not let stark raving lunatics into power.

porcus 6 days
Wait till someone starts doing this with deepfakes.

Michael Mantion 5 days
just like 8chan, twitch has to go now.

sulphide g 6 days
wow this version of grand theft auto looks great.

Property 5 days
wait but arnt guns illegal in Germany