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david dindu 6 days
"impeach before he exposes my family"
Stephen 5 days
"Impeach him because I can't stand up to him on a debate about the issues" Every Democrat candidate

Andrew Colomy 6 days
Everyone calls for your investigation. If Trump can be investigated for everything under the sun so can you.
LockHimUp 6 days
Trump has absolute authority to direct the FBI to thoroughly investigate Biden if he believes it necessary. The fact that he went to a foreign government to try and smear biden shows he doesn't. It's so obvious he's just trying to redirect scrutiny, but Nevermind logic when it comes to you Trumpers
Tethtibis Deseidhr 5 days
the FBI really showed their colors when they found direct evidence of Hillary Clinton breaking the law, and decided not to do anything about it. that makes people super confident that if they investigated someone else from the same camp that something very similar would happen. not to mention that how is the FBI supposed to investigate servers that are presently in the Ukraine? wouldn't it make more sense to request those that have direct access to the evidence investigate the corruption?
Beisht Kione 5 days
Tethtibis, he's not going to want to talk about Crowdstrike

porcus 6 days
Keep your teeth in, Joe. We know you are desperate to get the attention off of you.
ExElEmEnt 5 days
your title an summary are oozing with bias. I don't even like Joe Biden but your framing is ridiculous. you totally left out the reasons he's calling for impeachment. it's supposed to be NewsVoice not OpinionVoice. I thought mods were supposed to review these titles and summaries?
Beisht Kione 5 days
Where is the bias in the summary? I'm not seeing it, but I could be wrong. Explain yourself.
porcus 5 days
Are you saying that Biden's campaign is NOT faltering? That Biden has NOT been losing ground to Warren? That accusations of corruption on behalf of his son have NOT put him on the defensive? And yes, it went through moderators.

Elder Millennial 6 days
He’s desperate to protect his brain damaged son, but he put him at risk with those fake jobs, so it’s all on JOE’s head.

Paul C 6 days
Wow Joe, welcome to last week!

Monster Mash 6 days
Did Joe just get the update this is the company line or did his son push him to say this?

bobby_5150 6 days
You can see the sweat on his brow.

Scott in FLorida 5 days
HERE is all you need to know. I saw more people in the restroom taking a piss at the Orlando Trump rally than the people applauding this foul political figure trying to cover his tracks. Biden cant even fill up a local public library when he speaks. This is proof of the insane media propaganda. His cocaine abusing son was on the board of directors months after getting kicked out of the NAVY he then is on video bragging about getting the prosecutor fired by witholding US funds to Ukrane

porcus 6 days
Biden has fallen into the trap. He is talking about impeaching Trump; when asked why he supports it he has to talk about things he was involved in - he is entangling himself in the image of corruption, all on his own.

porcus 6 days
Surprised Biden didn't call on Trump to have a personal meeting with him behind the woodshed. Biden is doomed, he knows it, the DNC knows it, and Hillary knows it.

Jim Boi 5 days
When you’re losing so you activate plan B

Andrew 1010 6 days
...Not Surprising. Of course he would.

Andrew 1010 6 days
...What the fuck is up with the title card?
Paul C 6 days
Whoever submitted the story must have cut & pasted the headline from buzzfeed and pulled in some non printable characters.
Darth Vader 6 days
Well your right one of the stories is from Buzzfeed and it has the same title
porcus 5 days

Michael Tatom 5 days
This old man is a fool.

Mask de Plainview 5 days
So many people crying wolf. So stupid.

Otis B Driftwood 5 days
Color me surprised.

Ozzy Tom 5 days
Very late to the party. Leading from the rear, is this the kind of leadership we could expect? Not what the world needs.

DysfunctionalOrphan 6 days
shows how much of a demagogue he is. trump can do a bunch of evil shit and he wont bat an eye, but once trump comes after him the gloves come off
Phil Scott 6 days
Bunch of evil shit? Yawn.
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 days
Define evil shit. Clearly you and I have very different definitions of the word.
Rick “stretch” Clark 5 days
I am also interested in this "evil shit". 😏

Hello and Goodbye 5 days
Hey, whatever is easier than explaining yourself I guess.

Scott in FLorida 5 days
Look at the video and the picture of this announcement. There were more people taking a piss in the restroom during Trump's Orlando rally than are here in this small local library. The Media are corrupt they are propagandizing the people.