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Memory card found with killing video leads to arrest

Memory card found with killing video leads to arrest

Police in Alaska have arrested a man after videos were found on a digital memory card showing a woman being assaulted and killed. Police said a caller last week reported finding the card on a city street. Authorities are working to identify the woman. 48-year-old Brian Steven Smith was arrested on a murder charge and arrested Tuesday at an Anchorage airport.

porcus 1 year

Good that they caught him.

Matthew 1 year

If I have said it once I have said it 100 times. Don't film your murders, people.

IvoryDove 1 year

I'm waiting for some stupid liberal lawyer to claim that the evidence on that thumb drive was illegally searched because person who found it had no right to open the files on it and the police didn't have a warrant.

Judi Em
Judi Em 1 year

Sick bastard. Karma baby....

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