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SimonR 6 days
How? Guns are banned!
Mister Manager 6 days
Then it must be racism/xenophobia /s
Edward Williams 6 days
The religion of peace is at it again
NotACerealKiller 6 days
Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of daily mass shootings in the USA.

Leo Miggel 6 days
Suddenly the media practice of being sensationalistic and describing every single detail of these incidents including names and description of the perpetrators has stopped. So this means they are protecting whomever did this, and experience has taught me that the French, British and German governments protect arab muslims identities. Not 100 percent sure, but just connecting dots here, pure logic.
Ironic Shitposting 6 days
It was a white guy LARPing as a Nazi. Funny as fuck nonetheless.
Ben Kerry 6 days
Sorry, but he was far right. Nothing to do with arabs etc.

Watheverable GRAMPS 6 days
If you import millions of peaceful followers of the religion of peace from peaceful countries, your country will become very peaceful.
Mister Manager 6 days
So culturally enriching
porcus 6 days
LOL - nicely stated! ;) We have a lot we can learn about peace from such people.
Ben Kerry 6 days
Was a german nationalst/far right. Still an asshole

porcus 6 days
EDIT: Looks like it's NOT a peace practisioner but an attempt to copy the Christchurch massacre but with Jews instead. ========================= Hrm. I wonder if they are Peace Practisioners? No mention of who was killed only how many. No mention of the description of the attackers just that one had a lot of weapons and wearing military clothing.
Talon One 6 days
Apparently a Kebap restaurant was attacked as well, but we'll see.
Barry 6 days
Nazi. if it was someone from another country they would say that like in the truck thing
porcus 6 days
Hah! Barry, that's not true. :D If it was a German Nazi wannabe you can bet it would be shrilly shouted from the rooftops.

jackspedicie 6 days
But I thought they banned guns and shooting!
Natasha Gossman 6 days
isn't killing people still illegal too? 🤔 maybe the bad guys didn't get that "terms of service" update email.
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 days
Killing people and guns are illegal? But then how were they able to kill people with guns?

MightyMargulis 6 days
this is why my temple is not a gun free zone. but im in usa
ConcealCarryProtect 6 days
You're Jewish?
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 days
Haven't you heard this app is full of alt-right Nazis? \s
MightyMargulis 6 days

Stal 6 days
It's interesting to see the zest with which people comment on shootings in Europe. Discuss it so thoroughly - religion of the perpetrator, migration problem, Europe is the worst - such enthusiasm in knowing the killers. And then the mass shootings in the US. As of September 24, 2019, 334 mass shootings have occurred in 2019. 377 dead Yet Germany is messed up. It's so easy to look away from one's own problems.
Adam Marceau 6 days
and those stats are all in Detroit and Chicago for the most part are you trying to say something about black people? or are you confirming half the comments here about how gun laws dont work? please clarify
The Gas Mask Man 6 days
while what you are saying is true there's also the fact that a large majority of are mass shootings are done by gangs/people who were already criminals
Stal 6 days
Here's a nice article for you (that's ofcourse barring aside the fact you'll have a lot to say about Al Jazeera as a source)

Katharine 6 days
Just one?
VaasDC 6 days

Poo Skin Pat 6 days
better content then most of the stuff on twitch
VaasDC 6 days
what you dont like softcore cam thot material.
Poo Skin Pat 5 days
not from 15 year olds
VaasDC 5 days
sorry yes, softcore kiddie cam thot.

grah 6 days
Shalom, mozel tov! I love Israel.

david dindu 6 days
thank god it wasnt an automatic assault truck
Ekitchi Hoshi 5 days
yeah we don't have many automatic vehicles in Europe, though they are not banned 😄

Sir_Kutz 6 days
Oh that Trump and his right wingers....

RRrLLl 6 days
Hey I've seen this one before...

SylveonBae 4 days
wooden doors