Extinction Rebellion protesters arrested at London City airport

Extinction Rebellion protesters arrested at London City airport

Climate-change protesters descended on London City Airport on Thursday. The protest, organized by Extinction Rebellion, is against the climate impact of flying and the government’s support for airport expansion. While some protesters got inside the terminal building, flights were continuing, though some were delayed.

T3hGladiator 4 months

The other day I got into an intense argument with a 17 Y.O., I'm 27, about how she thinks the human race will be dead in 12 years because of climate change. These people are brainwashed. I showed her actual evidence that refutes that, and she just could not get it through her skull.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 4 months

These Climate protestors are fucking mad. Thanks in part to the media.

porcus 4 months

Climate Cultists demonstrating the dangers of brainwashing and fear mongering. They do not comprehend that the world is not going to end within whatever time frame they currently claim, and are trying to force a solution to a non-problem. Instead of waiting for the scientists and specialists to determine what, if anything, should be done.

Free lead for commies
Free lead for commies 4 months

It is easier to fool someone, than convince them they've been fooled. -Some Person.

AD C 4 months

I'm sorry but airline travel emissions are likely comparable to other forms of mass transit. They might as well protest against international trade if they have problems with the shear amount of emissions generated to efficiently move goods and people across countries.

Barry 4 months

People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals

Wholly 4 months

I wonder how many flew in...

T3hGladiator 4 months

Name sounds more like they want to start a genocide than prevent extinctions, but what do I know.

Moogle Joestar
Moogle Joestar 4 months

Well that outcome was obvious. They should just catch and release with a hundred dollar fine for hindering the airport and police force.

Steven 4 months

They’d better not give them an inch on that or else they will keep pushing until planes are banned

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 4 months

Anybody notice that if you trying looking up climate change on YouTube it immediately brings up a Wikipedia Link.

Michael Greenburg
Michael Greenburg 4 months

I bet they all traveled there via fuel burning vehicles to protest fuel burning vehicles.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 4 months

Middle class wankers that have deluded themselves into believing they at last have something to complain about.

Sir_Kutz 4 months

I bet they all drove there.

Hannibal 4 months

Put a localized cell blocker on and they'd all go home.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 4 months

You have no idea how wrong you are when it comes to your reasoning for these frankly quite annoying protests.

John Wilson
John Wilson 4 months

How Extinction Rebellion are paid £400 a week to bring mayhem to streets  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7566515/Extinction-Rebellion-files-reveal-climate-zealots-paid-400-week.html

Paul C
Paul C 4 months

How dare they?!

porcus 4 months

Dupe story

Egguardo Soufflez
Egguardo Soufflez 4 months

Extinction rebellion is a white supremacist organization.

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