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Prince’s estate slams Trump campaign after ’Purple Rain’ plays at rally

Prince’s estate slams Trump campaign after ’Purple Rain’ plays at rally

The estate of Prince swiped at President Trump on Thursday, after one of the late pop rock legend’s songs was played at Trump’s campaign rally in Minneapolis. Prince’s classic song ’Purple Rain’ was played, which has led his estate to send a legal warning to the event’s organizers. The campaign has agreed to refrain from playing Prince songs.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

Prince was a Republican Conservative you stupid morons!

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year

Full-blown TDS.

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 1 year

Noooo one anywhere wants King Donald to play their music at anything connected with him. And they've been very consistent on that since the very beginning. I wonder how it feels to be eating a shit sandwich every single time you receive one of these rebukes Mr President?

MF 1 year

The fact that this is even a story shows you how close we are to total collapse. Everyone wants to blame Trump for the fact that no one has any respect anymore for anyone else, but I think the problem has been brewing for a while, fueled by a radial few that has literally taken our culture and our country to the brink of war. Thanks guys!

Sir_Kutz 1 year

Omg a political candidate that didn’t get permission to use a song. Imagine my shock.

PhreneticNI 1 year

I'm not surprised that the people who fought over Prince's estate are petty.

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

prince only want dems to play his music. he only votes dem now

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

On October 12th 2018 Trump did the same thing and was told to not play Prince's music at campaign events. Trump agreed. Now he does the same thing. Trump's word is worthless. If he can't respect copyright in his own country, how can he call China out for the same thing?

John Doh
John Doh 1 year


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