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Japan town builds giant squid statue with relief money

Japan town builds giant squid statue with relief money

A town in Japan has used funding from an emergency Covid-19 relief grant to build a giant statue of a squid. Built at a cost of 25M yen ($228,500), the 13m-long (43ft) sea creature lies in the port of Noto, where flying squid is a delicacy. Officials said this is part of a long term plan to lure tourists back after the pandemic. Noto received 800M yen ($7.3M) through the national grants.

Sigfried 1 weeks

A multi-faceted approach to relief designed to help their economy recover? Using a small percentage of their total funds? That's infinitely better than the American response of "trust our TV doctor when he telks you to lockdown. Also here's some money we won't track so big business can gobble it up because we set the qualifying bar too high."

Brianna 1 weeks

25 out of 800 was used for pinky squid. And it’s their town’s trademark, so no issues with that at all. Noting once again how the media (regardless of affiliation) makes bold headlines that are misleading.

Nico 1 weeks

I would guess that not many people are going to want to see that statue. No offense to the artist but its not very cool. I personally feel this is a huuuge waste of money.

rick 1 weeks

This makes sense in Japan. There's a lot of intra-Japanese tourism. And, this kind of thing with draw tourists there, the same way monuments and statues like this used to draw american tourists.

O'Brien 1 weeks

I thought Squidworth was bad until I looked at Patrick!

Vark 1 weeks

So many people and places have made bank abusing covid. It's such a shame we waste so much money.

Potato 1 weeks

Did they say FLYING SQUID?

kevin 1 weeks

Hey you can call it whatever you like, I’m just calling it trolling, plain and simple

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 weeks

Good for tourism once the planet stops being so scared. 👍

Diego 1 weeks

Looks cool

Emil J.
Emil J. 1 weeks

Ok then.

Alex 1 weeks

What about using covid relief money for covid relief?

Daniel 1 weeks

This some dumb shit liberals would do with the Covid relief money hahahahahah. If your a liberal reading this your scum

Neutral 1 weeks

What a bunch of cephalopods.

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 1 weeks

That is a pretty good statue.

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