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WTO mulls intellectual property waivers for vaccines

WTO mulls intellectual property waivers for vaccines

Ambassadors from the WTO countries are set to discuss trade rules protecting the technological know-how behind Covid-19 vaccines. The argument centers on lifting patents, copyrights, and protection of industrial design and confidential information to help expand the production of vaccines during shortages. Opponents say a waiver would be no panacea, stressing production of vaccines is complex.

Lenin 6 days

Medical research and developments belong to the whole of humanity for our common good. Not a bunch of greedy and already fabulously wealthy multinational corporations.

Robert_Clearwater 6 days

Hang on a second... was the polio vaccine patented?... Hey, wait a minute... current research indicates that the poliovirus is on the brink of exticntion... is this causation or correlation? Can you patent the sun?

Brian 6 days

I am sure the research and start up was paid for with tax money so it should be shared will all. But some folks are greedy.

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