’Trump pressured state to remove me’, says Yovanovitch

’Trump pressured state to remove me’, says Yovanovitch

Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, told lawmakers behind closed doors Friday that she was ousted earlier this year after ’unfounded and false claims’ against her. Yovanovitch spoke as part of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President. She said that Trump pressured the State Department to remove her from her post.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 4 months

so trump told the state department to remove a pos that was responsible for working with Ukrainian officials to interfere in the 2016 election. good on trump she should be in prison we need to work on that

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 4 months

"Trumps big-dick energy made me move."

Got Truth
Got Truth 4 months

I think we should look deeper into Marie to see how deep her corruption goes. If she has been corrupt, then she should face a very long prison sentence.

dswizzle 4 months

Lets impeach Trump for something Biden did, too

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 4 months

Her first loyalty is to the country and the constitution.

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