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Derek Chauvin seeks new trial

Derek Chauvin seeks new trial

The lawyer for Derek Chauvin is seeking a new trial, claiming the guilty verdict against Chauvin was tainted by an ’intimidated’ jury. Attorney Eric Nelson argues that Chauvin’s murder trial should have been moved to a different city, while saying that publicity surrounding the trial was ’prejudicial.’ Nelson also claimed the judge should have forced Floyd’s pal, Morries Hall, to testify.

Adam 1 weeks

Juror lied about his involment in BLM event with Floyds family speaking. Any other case would be considered a mistrial.

Joe 1 weeks

As is his right and most likely, added to comments made by prominent, racist, violence-inciting elected officials like Maxine Waters, he will have a good chance at an overturn on appeal if a new trial doesn't work.

Dave 1 weeks

If they let him. The powers that be all have it in for him, everyone knows about the trial and knows what will happen if he is found innocent. The only way for him to have a fair trial is to have a jury made up of the Amish or something.

yuckycrumpet 1 weeks

Lol. Good luck with that. It’ll go down as well as trumps post election lies.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 1 weeks

Who didn’t see this coming?🙄 First: any protests over this should be directed at Maxine “the mouth” Waters and the Juror who lied and not at the police or the city. The notion that he could get an impartial jury in that district was ridiculous to start with. Now , he’ll never be able to find an impartial jury, anywhere and the 6th Amendment to the Constitution p guarantees that right. “When the locality of the trial has been saturated with publicity about a defendant, so that it is unlikely that he can obtain a disinterested jury, he is constitutionally entitled to a change of venue.145 It is undeniably a violation of due process to subject a defendant to trial in an atmosphere of mob or threatened mob domination”. https///

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 weeks

Is there still a video of him killing a man? Have as many trials as you want. Still should be the same outcome.

MIDESSA 1 weeks

Wheres he gonna get a fair trial? Oh I know let the Republican Senators do his trial like they did tRumps. No witnesses and the outcome predetermined.

Joe 1 weeks

I wonder what people will say if Chauvin does get abother trial but is still found guilty. Will they say this new jury was intimidated? A miscarriage of justice? The bootlickers really want to see this bad cop walk free huh? Terrible.

Jon 1 weeks

"Experts say the revelation could be grounds for the cop's appeal, but Nelson's motion did not specifically mention the photo or juror among his list of grievances"

theChildofCain 1 weeks

When i watched the trial they made mention of these claims. The Judge denied the miss trail due to the outside influence that would hinder the jurys ability to come up with a verdict based on the evidence. The judge mentioned due to the case and the media cover it would be hard to round up an impartial jury. However, he mentioned he'll allow a re trail under the grounds of Maxine Waters comment to the media. Judge man said "She's a congresswoman and she should really no better before giving statments like that. Final thoughts! Don't be surprised if the trial we saw was to satisfy the public outrage. Once Derek goes to trial again; don't be surprised if you see him on the streets in five years. They'll most likely hold it when things die down and the public is complaining about something else. Not saying it's right, just saying its a good possibility it will happen.

Rocky 1 weeks

As easy of an appeal possible considering all the legal factors. It should be successful, but we know justice is not a likely scenario anymore in this country.

Marcos 1 weeks

I do not think he would have an impartial jury almost anywhere in the WORLD today. To give him a fair trial, on my opinion, they would have to postpone it a couple of years at the least.

Phoenix 1 weeks


Deet 1 weeks

To be expected. Juror is a blm marxist that is fully politicise and biais

Indo 1 weeks

LaLa Land got many avenues. They be legal, else beagles got no bizness.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Thank you far leftist you just helped him for a slam dunk mis trial

Mikey 1 weeks

Chauvin is a rac ist Mur derer

Nunya 1 weeks

Move him to a red state

Nickel 1 weeks

He should just plead guilty he knew what he was doing all along he wanted to teach that guy a lesson and he went a little bit too far

Jonathan 1 weeks

Saw that one coming.

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