Obama tweets support for Canadian PM Trudeau

Obama tweets support for Canadian PM Trudeau

Former US President Obama voiced his support on Wednesday for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. ’The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term’, tweeted Obama in support of Trudeau. Opinion polls strongly suggest Trudeau will lose his parliamentary majority in Monday’s election.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months

Obama is willing to support Trudeau and not Biden 😂😂😂

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 5 months

Somewhere, quietly, Joe Biden sheds a tear.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 5 months

Obama gave his support to the Remain cause during the shocking project fear campaign of 2016. He told the British public that if they came out of the EU they would be last in line for a trade deal with the USA. The UK went on to vote for Brexit. He endorsed Clinton in 2016. He reminds me of Britain’s Tony Blair in several ways not least because of his belief in the legend the media constructed of himself and the delusion of influence that legend holds with those in the wider world.

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 5 months

Oh America not interfering with other countries elections... even though his not in politics anymore I don't think he should be endorsing any candidate. Could you imagine if an ex Russian President did the same thing.

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 5 months

Old blackface, rapey Trudeau gets a pass from the outrage mob because they like his politics. Leftists really are the worst people. How many criminals go free to further their agenda?

Don Grantham
Don Grantham 5 months


porcus 5 months

HaHa! The world is turning away from Progressive leadership, and good riddance. Funny that Obama is stumping for Canadian Cuck Trudeau but not any Americans. :D

Shawn 5 months

Haha screw Barack and Justin... both are ass hats that say too much, without saying anything

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 5 months

black man supporting another blackened man. ironic.

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 5 months

That's all Canadian's need to know about whats going on.

Arthur 5 months

Obama's support is a nail in the coffin of anyone he supprorts

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 5 months

Bombama de Warlord supporting Trudeau the Arms dealer, preaching for peace by being in the top 5 nations that sell the most weapons. Canada you always so charming... and hypocrite.

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 5 months

Two peas in a pod. (Both in blackface)

Got Truth
Got Truth 5 months

Seriously though, Canada needs to support The People’s Party of Canada and restore full liberty to Canadians; free speech, control of their own finances and freedom of religion without conditions.

O'Brien 5 months

Obama just helping a brother out - long live Wacanada!

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 5 months

Canada Obama has spoken

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