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Norwegians told to pee in the shower to save water

Norwegians told to pee in the shower to save water

Norwegians have been told to urinate in the shower to help save water and the environment by an Oslo council official. Frode Hult, Water and Sewer Agency in Oslo, said Norway uses double the amount of water used by Denmark. Hult also suggested to brush teeth in the shower. Viewers of the show on which Hult made the comments did not seem pleased, with one asking, ’Why not also poop in the shower?’.

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 1 year

i think the individual behind this initiative was just trying to normalize a behavior he was already guilty of.I'm being completely honest.

Jennafer 1 year

i mean it makes sense; although brushing ur teeth takes up more time. you can brush your teeth without running the tap the whole time. One thing i wonder though, is this just another pass-the-buck scenario? meaning, will this save a significant amount of water, or is this like emissions being passed on to individuals and cars V.S. Industrial pollution: i think like 70% of emissions are caused by ten major companies (don't quote me on that number). like I'm 100% behind this, taking steps to personally lowering your footprint, but it blurs the responsibility of the ones actually causing the most damage-- special lightbulbs, paper straws, hybrid cars etc. don't compare to the damage of fuel companies for example. I understand water shortage is different than carbon emissions and energy, so I'm genuinely curious. Also, ew. You don't sh*t in the shower because the drains weren't built for that; also urine is sterile, poo is not. Bit of a difference.

IvoryDove 1 year

Years ago, our son had a half bath (no toilet) in his room and we discovered he had been peeing in the shower after he'd been off to college. About two weeks after he moved out, we discovered a hideous stench in his old room. The P-trap started to grow some evil bacteria. Unlike a toilet, which has a cleanable surface, the plastic pipe below the drain screen was coated with bacteria. IOW, this is horrible advice.

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