Blizzard may reveal ’Diablo IV’ at Blizzcon

Blizzard may reveal ’Diablo IV’ at Blizzcon

A leak in German magazine Game Star may have just spilled the existence of Diablo IV, the latest entry in the dungeon crawler series. The telltale reveal was in an ad for a Diablo art book. It claims the book (which you can pre-order on Amazon) contains ’over 500 artworks from Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III, and Diablo IV.’

Bart De Bock
Bart De Bock 5 months

just checking, y'all have phones?

User Inactive
User Inactive 5 months

Dangle shiny things and any talk of boycotting will fade away, lol well played Blizzard let's see how many fold.

TheBigTruTru 5 months

Free Hong Kong! Revolution of our time!

AW1990 5 months

we will see if they have learned from their past mistakes. kind of hoping for d4, but im also kind of hoping for more legendary meme material.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 5 months

shouldve focused on the fans and not the sjws, blizzard.

General Zap
General Zap 5 months

Diablo IV: Communist Holodomor Edition

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