Trump calls impeachment inquiry a ’lynching’

Trump calls impeachment inquiry a ’lynching’

President Trump on Tuesday described the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry a ’lynching’. Taking to Twitter, Trump claimed the way the inquiry is being conducted opens the door for future presidents to be impeached ’without due process or fairness or any legal rights’. Democrats were swift to lash out on Trump for what they called racially charged language. Julian Castro called the use shameful.

America 4 months

He is absolutely correct and I dont think them dems fully understand the reciprocation they will receive by pushing what they believe to the extreme. They have to know this will come full circle.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months

"only blacks are allowed to be lynched" - cnn

Rhokanth 4 months

Lynching is now racially charged language? Seems racist for them to say that.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 4 months

How come we aren’t hearing anything about Epstein, Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton anymore. Biggest story of the decade surely msm ? And not so much as an opinion piece

WWG1WGA 4 months

The 1 millionth time he makes liberals cry..... I love it

Seekster 4 months

So people only get lynched based on their race? That is not what history shows us.

Rick Snow
Rick Snow 4 months

There is no "lynching" or whatever bullshit language Trump wants to use. The Constitution clearly lays out everything having to do with impeachment, and the Democrats are following it. Right now, they're simply investigating whether there's grounds for impeachment. If so, it will move forward to the Senate for the actual impeachment trial. If he's as innocent as he claims, then he shouldn't have anything to worry about. However, the fact that he's shitting himself over this would seem to indicate that he knows he's fucked up.

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 4 months

slow news day

Don Grantham
Don Grantham 4 months

No matter who you think is right, I think we can ALL agree that this thing has shitballed into a real shitshow of a shitnado.

SimonR 4 months


Larry 4 months

Probably because it is! Hillary said first You have to accept the results of the election to starting the Resist movement. so much for democrats accepting the results. it was legal and set up like it is to be fair to all 50 states

Ryan 4 months

He should really try reading the constitution sometime. What a disrespectful and tone-deaf thing to say about this, regardless of the legitimacy of the ongoing inquiry.

Sean Donahue
Sean Donahue 4 months

Trump deserves to be removed from office.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

lol I love how mad the democrats are getting for using their OWN language. How quickly they seem to forget their commentary during Clinton impeachment. As time passes, the hypocrisy and double standards comes to light more and more.

Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 4 months

I'm just waiting for Donald Trump to say the N word so I can read the comments defending it.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 4 months

More of a witch hunt than anything. Well, this stage would be a witch burning more than anything.

Jerry 4 months

it's worse, it's governmental sabotage from his inauguration. Wipe Congress clean & let's start with a clean slate. Tired of all the political correct crap. Make America great again!

Nate 4 months

What a joke.

Jose 4 months

Due process? Are you charged with a crime? No, that happens in the senate, you can plead your case there.

ExElEmEnt 4 months

first of all, if you know the history of the US... and Donald Trump's record of racism and bigotry, this is a disgusting and pathetic thing for a president to say in this context second -- I thought democrats were weak and incompetent, now they're deadly and conniving? which is it?

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