Seattle Public Schools plan to infuse social justice into math

Seattle Public Schools plan to infuse social justice into math

Seattle’s largest public school district is considering a proposal that would infuse math courses with elements of social justice. The proposal includes studying how math has been ’appropriated by Western culture’ and how it ’continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities’. If approved, teachers are expected to incorporate this into their classes beginning next school year.

Paul C
Paul C 5 months

2 + 2 = you owe me reparations and an A in math.

Interdimensional alien
Interdimensional alien 5 months

Math has been appropriated FFS. They're promoting racism and branding it as a good thing. Essentially by saying that the west appropriated it from Asia continues the caricature of only Asians being good at math. It also ignores the idea that math is an international language which connects people rather than a form of oppression. It is also horribly ignorant to history, most educated people understand that algebra comes from Arabic, but they also know René Descartes, Blaise Pascal, Guillaume de l'Hôpital - French mathematicians who continued working on expanding knowledge. Math is not assigned to one culture as the racist/xenophobe SJWs would have you believe. What's next are they going to tell students that white people appropriated the watermelon?

deletia 5 months

Before everyone looses a leg kneejerking here, it appears this is just including recognition of non-western cultures' contributions to mathematics. Kids might not know that algebra was invented in what is now Iran. They might not know that the concept of 'zero' came from India. Hell CivicScience ran a poll in which 56% of respondents thought children shouldn't be taught Arabic numerals, which of course are {0123456789}, and simply reflects the marriage of importance and bigotry. The social justice angle here is that maybe kids won't grow up thinking of other countries as backwards shitholes that need western civilization's guidance once they realize that a lot of western civilization's knowledge is actually borrowed from elsewhere.

Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett 5 months

History and Literature must also include Inferential Statistics into their core teachings to help bring about equity across all courses! Further they must ban calculators as they help the rich but not the poor in schools! What's the worse that could happen? Students across the board fail Literature and History classes due to not only the complexity of the math involved being too much, but the fact their teachers won't even understand it themselves?

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