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Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, refuses to support Facebook cryptocurrency

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, refuses to support Facebook cryptocurrency

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter said that he had no intention of making Twitter a block-producing member, and also refused to support Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency. Mr. Dorsey highlighted his position on Libra during a Twitter media event that was organized in New York City.

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 1 year

respect to Dorsey.he's slowly getting red pilled.

Zubin 1 year

I can't believe how easy it is to swindle politicians. You dangle one or two big public issues in front of them - Libra will fix money laundering & illegitimate hoarding & they cave. Again, what they don't realise is behind a free product is always a catch. They're looking to create a new platform for currency so again, other people do the work for them while they exist to earn from the sidelines & take their cut. It has already been established that in order to start a small business you need likes & support on social media. That's one step away from profit, no matter if your work is honest or not. In the future, the path to profit will involve getting & earning likes as if it were a currency first then paid in crypto then convert to money. Trapping people in their ecosystem, so they charge their cut like credit card companies. The rich get richer, the poorer are forgotten. You're just supposed to shut up & take it.

Jose 1 year

Facebook can’t even protect my phone number from getting hacked, you think I will let them hold my money?

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