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Three arrested in connection with 39 dead bodies found in UK truck

Three arrested in connection with 39 dead bodies found in UK truck

Three people, which included two men and a woman were arrested in connection with the discovery of 39 dead bodies in a refrigerated trailer in the south-eastern part of England. The police said that the three have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and conspiracy to traffic people.

Monolith stealer
Monolith stealer 1 year

forget the air holes eh?

Louis S
Louis S 1 year

'China's Global Times, which is published by the ruling Communist Party's official People's Daily, said in a Friday editorial that Britain should bear some responsibility for the deaths. "It is clear that Britain and relevant European countries have not fulfilled their responsibility to protect these people from such a death," the widely read tabloid said. It added that Britain appeared not to have learned its lesson from the Dover incident two decades ago.' Riiiight because covert human trafficking is usually subject to only the most stringent of health and safety regulations and monitored by the immigration department. Maybe if your country wasn't such a despotic hell-scape your citizens wouldn't be being delivered to us like caged hens stacked inside trucks. Next they'll be blaming UPS packaging for being too uncomfortable when the human body is folded into it.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Conspiracy of trafficking, and the result of 39 dead should be automatic death penalty with option to plee for life wothout parole.

Bennington 1 year

I'd bump that manslaughter all the way up to murder, but ok

porcus 1 year

Pretty awful to get a text like that from your child... and not know how to go about getting justice.

plastic African
plastic African 1 year

Love how China now ship frozen long pork.

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