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Germany bans Muslim group over alleged terror donations

Germany bans Muslim group over alleged terror donations

The German government has banned a Muslim organization due to their financial aids to terror organizations. Ansaar International, the terror-related foundation, was active in 10 German states. Police stormed all of their buildings throughout Germany and detained the foundation’s staff. German police investigation traced the money, and found it was donated to the Nusra Front, Hamas, and al-Shabab

Robert 1 weeks

By these sane standards shouldnt Germany also ban the US Congress, and former Pres. Obama/ Clinton admin? They furnished weapons to the same !

Kamran 1 weeks

After WW2, never thought I would see the day that Germany would defend her sovereignty more vigorously than the US does...

Faittastic 1 weeks

Better safe than liber- sorry

Seamus 1 weeks

They are all the same two faced animals

Jonny 1 weeks

Remove kebab.

michael 1 weeks

Germany really getting it done recently.

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