Pentagon awards $10B ’war cloud’ deal to Microsoft

Pentagon awards $10B ’war cloud’ deal to Microsoft

Microsoft has won the Pentagon’s $10 billion cloud computing contract, beating Amazon. The joint enterprise defence infrastructure cloud (Jedi) contract is part of a broader digital modernization of the Pentagon.

Seed 4 months

Not a die-hard supporter of Microsoft but I will take them over Amazon anyday. Now, will Microsoft quit working on AI with the Chinese? Probably not, but such an action could potentially go a thousand miles.

Katse Kubeb
Katse Kubeb 4 months

Execute order 66 ....

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 3 months

In the UK we have a JEDI unit. It stands for Joint Equality Diversity and Inclusion. I shit thee not.

Barry 3 months

we're doomed. Microsoft can't release one update that doesn't have issues. this is going to be the beginning of skynet

Mr. Doc
Mr. Doc 4 months

the JEDI contact? does anyone else see an impending Disney lawsuit here? lol

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 4 months

this is huge

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 4 months

Time to 'Learn to Code'

porcus 3 months

Pretty big deal using Cloud infrastructure for defense. Microsoft will make a huge amount of money with this, big loss for Amazon. Wonder if this will bring AI uses closer to the military?

skrappjaw 3 months

Amazon having competition is good. And loosing to it once in a while is better. If they don't look inward to improve, they've already fallen behind. Blaming a possible Trump interference is sad and weak.

Billy 4 months

I wonder if the contract covers private use servers. Will officials have to cover the expense out of pocket, or can they use tax dollars to email sensitive documents from home?

porcus 3 months

There is an absolute crap-ton of links for this story! wow.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 3 months

ROFLMAO! War cloud. Sad.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 3 months

From 8" floppies to "the cloud" in one move. What could go wrong?

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 4 months

Ha ha!

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