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Man admits to voter fraud in casting dead mother’s ballot

Man admits to voter fraud in casting dead mother’s ballot

A man in Pennsylvania who voted for Trump illegally on behalf of his dead mother was sentenced 5 years of probation. Bruce Bartman was pleaded guilty. He defrauded the vote system by using her mother’s driving license. He will not be able to vote in the next four years on any elections. Bartman also registered his mother-in-law, who died in 2019, to vote. But he did not vote on behalf of her.

Omega Yesterday

Good. This should happen to all people who cast someone else's vote. Or more severe punishment if they cast more illegal votes.

Forsaken Yesterday

Republicans cast illegal votes for dead people. Now I know why they like to say Democrats do it. Because Republicans like to blame Democrats for the stuff they do themselves. The Republicans are the hypocrat Party. Republicans love to lie and make fake news, rioting when they don't get their way destroying property. increasing dept. sitting on unemployment because their lazy. Calling themselves pro-constitution but wants a dictator to rule for life, patriots but attack our own government building. just about everything they say about Democrats is a reflection of themselves. Republicans don't have any credibility anymore.we see you for what you really are

george Yesterday

Cool. Now report on all the convictions of Democrat fraudsters. Forget it. Too many to list that way. Here:

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets Yesterday

I think this next election we need to have 500,000,000 votes for Trump... Either Democrats will completely ignore it because they're really bad at math or maybe, just maybe.... They'll admit voter fraud exists and maybe, just maybe... They'll think of ways to prevent it (COUGH.... voter ID). I mean they're ok with Democrat counties having more than 100% voter turnout, that's just "enthusiasm"... Lol. We need to get enthusiastic and magically get 500% voter turnout.

Robert_Clearwater Yesterday

Bruce Bartman, 70, pleaded guilty to perjury and unlawful voting in the 2020 election. He registered his dead mother and cast a vote for her to support Mr Trump. The Pennsylvanian man was sentenced to five years of probation for intentionally committing voter fraud. Crystal Mason, a Texan woman, was on probation following a federal tax fraud conviction when she voted. She claims she was unaware she was ineligible to do so. The Texan woman committed voter fraud and violated the conditions of her supervised release, the PA man committed voter fraud. It's linguistic propaganda to insinuate that she has more jail time because of the color of her skin. She has a higher jail time because of the severity of her actions.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative Yesterday

The left now admitting voter fraud exists after claiming it was impossible for dead people to vote. Interesting. This being reported nationality when rachel rodriquez was arrested for thusands of ballots that she confessed to on tape was suppressed is also interesting 🤔

Nobody! Yesterday

I thought Republicans were anti voter fraud. Why do they keep getting caught committing it? 🤔

eddy yetty
eddy yetty Yesterday

Good! Call out this stuff instead of trying to explain it away as something that happens every election. Doesn't matter who it's for, fraud is fraud.

That1guy Yesterday

The mental gymnastics that republicans will go through to not see their own hypocrisy here is astonishing.

Eric Yesterday

Republicans can’t win if everyone votes. That’s why they always put fewer voting machines in areas where there are more people of color. Their new voting laws are designed to suppress voting in urban areas.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 23 hours

So the only case of intentional voter fraud from 2020 so far was for gee just sooo shocked.

Thomas Yesterday

Voter fraud happens but it never happens on a big enough level to change an election.

Diogenes Yesterday

I do not see any democrats being charged. Odd.

Fred V
Fred V Yesterday


seamiki Yesterday

@that's why Trump was so sure about election fraud: he knew his electorate.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي Yesterday

Good... though it doesn't fail, the only reason this is being reported is because the dude voted for Trump... as if this is a republican issue alone

Michael Yesterday

Yet more evidence that conservatives project their bad behavior on progressives and liberals. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the reason why Trump rails on and on about winning by a landslide. He can't imagine that is cheating was some how overwhelmed by huge numbers of new and and previously inactive democratic voters.

good4you Yesterday

Only the privileged can do that and walked free.

White mana matters
White mana matters Yesterday

Good : now examine the tens of thousand other voting fraaa.... oops I Méan *irregularities*.

James 21 hours

Does Cam speak English?

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