Court strikes down North Carolina congressional map

Court strikes down North Carolina congressional map

A panel of three North Carolina judges on Monday granted a temporary injunction that blocks the state’s current congressional map from being used in the 2020 elections. The panel said that voters had a strong likelihood of winning a lawsuit that argued Republicans unlawfully manipulated district lines for partisan gain beyond any reasonable doubt.

porcus 4 months

I wonder what a "fair" district map looks like? Is it one that agrees with the political ideology of the judges? How does one reach "fair" when districts go every which way?

david dindu
david dindu 4 months

gerrymandering is an american tradition enjoyed by both parties

I have no idea
I have no idea 4 months

Would love a story about idk what the map actually looked like and what needed to be changed. something other than map was bad, being remade. All of these stories are kinda pointless and they should be updates to existing stories.

Interdimensional alien
Interdimensional alien 4 months

Gerrymandering for me but not for thee. This sounds highly politically motivated.

Jose 4 months

At this point we should have an international committee come in and draw the lines since both sides are corrupt and can’t complete a simple redrawing of the map.

Mitchell Green
Mitchell Green 4 months

I have a simple solution. How about we assign districts as something decided by the residents and unchanging. Let’s say counties for example. Then assign a minimum value to each county and weigh each county on population😊

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