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Sanders won’t yet explain details of how to pay for ’Medicare for All’

Sanders won’t yet explain details of how to pay for ’Medicare for All’

Sen. Bernie Sanders said he doesn’t think he needs to release more details about how to pay for his ’Medicare for All’ health care proposal. Previously, while Sanders has been upfront that Medicare for All would involve raising taxes on the middle class as well as on the wealthy, he has not fully explained where the revenue for his plan would come from.

porcus 1 year

They have to pass the bill before they can tell us what's in the bill... just like the disaster of Obamacare.

deletia 1 year

Democrats run trillion-dollar deficits. Republicans run trillion-dollar deficits. Why are we pretending like we have to pay for anything?

Macius 1 year

It's fucking FREE!!!! When you people will understand that? /s

John Doh
John Doh 1 year

"If socialists understood economics, they wouldn't be socialists." F.A. Hayek

Matthew 1 year

This is not hard...its going to be to raise taxes and it's going to effect everyone. The government does not have a magical duplicater machine that makes unlimited free shit.

Deborah 1 year

Bernie has for YEARS said how he would pay for Medicare 4 All. Higher taxes. That said by my calculation my husband and I would actually pay 10% more in tax . Removing copays, deductibles, etc we would have about $5000 more in disposable cash yearly.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 year

He has explained many times.... your taxes will go up.

jon 1 year

"doesn't think he needs to release more details" does not equal "will not give details".

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 year

if you guessed you would be paying for it then you would be correct

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

medicare for all and mexico will pay for it

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