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Sony decides to shut down PlayStation Vue

Sony decides to shut down PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is reportedly shutting down, as per a blogpost released by the company. One of the world’s first streaming devices, Vue was launched in the spring of 2015. The device had hordes of channels and had streaming plans ranging from $50 per month to $85 per month.

Maesterfully 1 year

From 50 to 85 dollars a month?? That's insane no wonder its shutting down.

Sasu 1 year

It was way cheaper when it first came out. Pretty much cable over the wifi.

Pariahwulfen 1 year

This was great when it came out, I was able to ditch my cable for the mid tier, which cost 35 back then. I finally dropped it a few months ago when they pulled one of the only channels I actually watch, and replaced it with BeInSports, and tried to raise the price again.

OtaRev 1 year

what's that?

Deadman 0_0
Deadman 0_0 1 year


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