Castro reaches $800,000 fundraising goal

Castro reaches $800,000 fundraising goal

Julian Castro’s campaign has raised $800,000 in the last 10 days of October, a fundraising figure necessary in order to continue his campaign. The Castro campaign received more than $1 million in October from ’nearly 50,000 donors’. Castro had previously said that if he did not reach the $800,000 figure before the end of the month, he would have to end his 2020 bid.

Paul C
Paul C 3 months

"So you're saying I have a chance?"

porcus 3 months

:D Does anyone care? He bought another... month? of operation. Whoop-de-doo.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 3 months

Is this the guy that was somehow related to the doxxing republicans event in California crap?

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months

...(the slow clapping montage). Good Job.

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 3 months


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