12,000 Democrats to attend Iowa party dinner

12,000 Democrats to attend Iowa party dinner

A party fundraising dinner on Friday will see 14 Democratic Presidential candidates defend their campaign pitch in front of thousands of activists in Iowa. It is expected that more than 12,000 Democrats will be attending the event, which has been renamed Liberty and Justice Celebration.

Paul C
Paul C 3 months

Proposed menu: - Schiff nothing burger - Large glass of TDS punch - Donald Trump 'humble' pie

ICblades 3 months

I hear all the guests are required to put their preferred pronouns below their names on the table slips and name tags to avoid triggering people with delicate dispositions.

porcus 3 months

HaHa! "Breakout" indeed. They all have similar positions, ideology, policies, etc. Only one with any integrity is Tulsi. They are all chasing the Far Left for votes and approval, which is a Bad Idea™.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months

Kangaroo Court... Mate your not in the Down Unda son.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 3 months

Guess they are serving kangaroo at the dinner.

America 3 months

Wonder what flavor Kool-aid they'll be serving.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 3 months

perfect way to imprison and surround these criminals.

Dave 3 months

And the rich will pay for it all!

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months

And they all want a free meal.

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