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Kamala Harris lays off staff, shuts offices in New Hampshire

Kamala Harris lays off staff, shuts offices in New Hampshire

Sen. Kamala Harris’s campaign is slashing its staff in the crucial primary state of New Hampshire to help it reallocate resources to Iowa, the first nominating contest of the primary race. The campaign confirmed that it is closing its field offices in Nashua, Portsmouth and Keene and will scale down its staff at its New Hampshire headquarters in Manchester.

porcus 1 year

HaHa! Goodbye you nasty Authoritarian. Your ship has sunk.

Mitchell 1 year

Cold. Utilitarian. That's a true democrat.

Interdimensional alien
Interdimensional alien 1 year

Closing to go all in? Or because she can't afford to keep the office running? Makes a statement about how she'll handle other political decisions.

Seekster 1 year

Another one bites the dust.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 1 year

Bye Bye Felicia... just another HypoCrat.

DysfunctionalOrphan 1 year

I expect (and hope) we will see her drop out relatively soon. This needs to be a primary between the top 3 candidates, not 3 serious candidates + 12 jokers.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

Hehehehehe your fucked lady.

IvoryDove 1 year

She's been on her knees.. Uhm... "Begging" donors for money, but nobody will come through for her.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Cutting already. Whoopsie. Guess you cant pull the black card and the "justice" card at the same time.

Colby 1 year

Her NH staffers just weren’t imaginative enough for a black woman to be president so she canned them. Top tier candidates gotta keep it real.

As Told By Anakin Skywalker
As Told By Anakin Skywalker 1 year

she finally going to commit suicide. so sad.

Ryan M
Ryan M 1 year

I guess America just wasn't ready for a female of colour to usher in the censorious left wing totalitarian state.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 1 year

man talk about the best day of my life. terminator dark fate bombs, i catch a 100 IV regice, a shiny regice and regirock, beta o rourke drops out of race and now this.

Mr. Apple Tree
Mr. Apple Tree 1 year

*Crab Rave starts* 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

Beijing Binden
Beijing Binden 1 year

What is wrong with these idiots they have Zero shot to become president beta dropped she needs to drop dipshit booker should be next then buttplug needs to leave it's between a commie, a fake Indian socialist/communist, and a creepy politician

Mats Blom
Mats Blom 1 year

As an independent observer I find it strange the Democrats can't find better candidates. The last time the second most despised president candidate in the history of USA lost to the most despised president candidate ever. I do think there will be another candidate in the race before the DNC convent. They can't win over Trump with any of these. Maybe Tulsi could be a threat but the hawks in the DNC would never let that happen. And no, I don't prefer anyone. As an outsider I just follow the race with great interest.

WJ MacKENZIE 1 year

When a candidate with over 35 mill campaign funds, has only spent 25 or so mil of that, and is closing down campaign offices, it's a sign they'd be bad with the public monies as well, if not more so.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 year

Another TYRANT bites the dust!!

Nika D
Nika D 1 year

🎶 Bmm . Bmm. Bmm. Another one bites the dust. 🎶

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 1 year

why is she still running?

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