Cheers and boos for Trump at UFC match in NYC

Cheers and boos for Trump at UFC match in NYC

President Trump received a mixed response from attendees when he arrived Saturday night at an Ultimate Fighting Championship match in New York City. Reports suggest the crowd reaction was a bit more hospitable than the one he received at World Series Game 5 last Sunday, though there were loud and sustained boos from sections.

America 3 months

Most publicized POTUS in history. He's eating it up. Keep booing him it just fuels his efforts to fight for the country that gives you the right to do so. Cheers!

Paul C
Paul C 3 months

Have to give Trump respect over his ability to deal with the MSM vilifying him literally every day and then also having to put up with ignorant sports fans that boo him as if that is a productive thing to do. If you asked any of them why they did it, they would be hard pressed to come up with any reason that wasn't some idiot-speak the MSM spoon fed them: uh, he's racist, or uh the call, or uh he's just bad.

jane 3 months

I didn't hear many boos. I heard a bunch of cheering and one guy, mysteriously screaming 'boo' directly into the mic...

Robert 3 months

Amazing to read the vastly different accounts of his reception. Obviously, some of them are fake news. Having seen the small group of anti Trump protesters outside the venue and realizing that they were never going to be near the president, I have to conclude that the media that reported he was greeted by a large vocal group of anti protesters are fake.

Unity.Nat 3 months

Funny how after 3 years Trump has not censored anyone's speech. I doubt the left have such a track record

Dave 3 months

It's NYC, of course he would be booed. A republican hasn't won there since 1924.

Karl S
Karl S 3 months

Wow, some people like him, some don't. Groundbreaking news here... 🙄

Josh Ya
Josh Ya 3 months

New Yorkers are scum.

Josh Ya
Josh Ya 3 months

Booing him right into a 2020 election. Thanks

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 3 months

"Oh, boo yourself"

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 3 months

Of course. . let's go with the far left title

Joel 3 months

He's expected to be booed wherever he goes.

Fonky Munk
Fonky Munk 3 months

A “mixed response”. Lol play the video. They were booing the fuck out of him. There’s no safespace for the President outside of his own rabid rallies in bumblescum, USA. Maybe next time stay home Donny boy?

porcus 3 months

I find it amusing that the Left thinks Trump is such a narcissist and yet he would keep going to places where he only gets booed. Can't have it both ways - either he is not getting booed everywhere he goes or he is not the Orange Man Bad that you claim.

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 3 months

Okay so I just got saw some footage from the outside it looks like several protest groups gathered outside the event and may have even raised money for tickets to go into the event and protest him. Please far leftists don’t do this again mma fans are mostly a political and if you keep fucking up their sport their gonna start beating you up.

Spartan Life
Spartan Life 3 months

Does anyone else find it mildly alarming that no can agree on basic facts like weather or not the crowd was booing more or cheering more. I mean it seems to me like if political division in this country has reached a level where can look at the exact same event and have wildly different interpretations of it then we are in some deep shit.

Gordon 3 months

What do you expect from a city whose US representative tells people to go ahead and skip on paying subway tolls? She'll probably complain in the future that the subway is so run down and dirty and they need to manage their budget better.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 3 months

Yes, UFC fights. A hot bed of liberal lefty Communists! The World Series, emblematic of socialism.

Katse Kubeb
Katse Kubeb 3 months

Its ok to be Fonky Monk.

Hunter 3 months

At least I live in a part of nyc that isn’t like this

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