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Federal judge overturns national eviction moratorium

Federal judge overturns national eviction moratorium

A federal court has ruled to vacate a nationwide moratorium on evictions, which was put in place to protect renters during the pandemic. The ruling places millions of people who have fallen behind on rent due to the Covid-19 crisis at risk of eviction. President Biden had previously extended the ban on evictions through June. The DOJ said it would appeal the order.

Kim 0 months

They always focus on the renters but what about the owners who have mortgage, property taxes and insurance to pay for?? Enough already. Pay up or get out and find some place cheaper.

Angé d'Saint-Cloud
Angé d'Saint-Cloud 0 months

And we will now see Bidens true colours. Will he defend all of the americans struggling to pay their bills or will he do exactly what Obama did and screw the american people by kicking them out of their homes while their struggling to get by ? I'm gonna go with screwing over the people in favour of the banks.😠

Lenin 0 months

Maybe a necessity such as housing shouldn’t be commodified and should just be seen as a basic human right? No that’s too “radical” /s

carol 0 months

Check out the free loaders in this string! There are so many jobs out there right now yet some people are selfishly wanting to suck off the backs of the American tax payers.

trevor pierce
trevor pierce 0 months

Rightfully so, what about the people who own, maintain, and pay for the housing? This was criminal against them in the first place. People supporting the free rent bs really don't understand how this works...

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 0 months

Wonder how fat his pay offs were

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