Boeing CEO gives up bonus following plane crashes

Boeing CEO gives up bonus following plane crashes

Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg will not take a bonus this year following two crashes involving the firm’s 737 Max plane which killed 346 people. Boeing’s chairman David Calhoun said Muilenburg had made the suggestion. Calhoun said the Boeing board believes Muilenburg ’has done everything right’ and is positioning the company to return the 737 Max to service after the accidents.

Paul C
Paul C 5 months

He kind of had to something significant after the grilling he took from Rep. Steve Cohen in the recent Congressional investigation.

Rage Against the Vagine
Rage Against the Vagine 5 months

in today's business world this is considered a profile in courage.

Interdimensional alien
Interdimensional alien 5 months

Can you imagine the optics given cancel culture today had he kept the bonus! At least this way he's offering a penance for his sins of not leading virtuously enough.

PhreneticNI 5 months

As if the bonus had been a foregone conclusion?

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months

Ha. What a great guy. Should never have been a question in the first place.

Sir_Kutz 5 months

Umm maybe he shouldn’t deserve a bonus. This guys seems like a real arse.

Pj Sina
Pj Sina 5 months

lol, give up bonus! sure, that's good enough!

CommanderVaasDC 5 months

shouldn't he be jailed? didnt he push through the planes and knew of the issues.

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