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Biden says he’s open to compromise on corporate tax rate

Biden says he’s open to compromise on corporate tax rate

President Biden said Wednesday that he is open to compromise on his proposal to raise the corporate tax rate. Biden was responding to a question if he was open to an increase of the corporate tax rate to 25% instead of his proposed 28%. The rate is currently 21%. Biden proposed the increase in order to pay for his $2.3T infrastructure and climate plan.

Angé d'Saint-Cloud
Angé d'Saint-Cloud 0 months

Of course he is. Maybe it's because he never had any intention on actually implementing these taxes that he has been speaking of lol. "I'm going to tax the very personnes that bankrolled my campaign" lol, yeah okay.😂

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 0 months

Biden (to his supporters): TAX THE RICH! MAKE CORPORATIONS PAY! Biden (to his paymasters) : Don't worry, man. That's what I just say to the suckers to elect me! I know who my friends are...

Jon 0 months

Compromise? The compromise IS 28% since it was 35 before Trump.

michael 0 months

The compromise I'm looking for is one where the top marginal tax rate is 75%, like it was during one of our country's most individually economically successful times.

Eric 0 months

By compromise he means he will do it as executive order.

Randall 0 months

Anyone earning less than $400,000.00/year will not see an increase in tax burden. Oh, those poor rich people! Now they may have to start paying employees better and reinvesting.

Brian 0 months

No change for his friends, 40% for everyone else.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 0 months

Well of course he is. He's gonna be a lame duck potus

Aaron 0 months

Not his business, learn to operate within a budget.

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