Support for impeachment falls to 47%, as per new poll

Support for impeachment falls to 47%, as per new poll

As per a poll released on Wednesday, the support for President Trump’s impeachment fell from a record high majority of 51%, to 47%. While the percentage of people backing the impeachment fell, those who support it remain unchanged at 43%. The poll was conducted by The Morning Consult.

Ben B.
Ben B. 5 months

Maybe, just maybe, it's because they don't have anything to impeach him on.

Ywacch 5 months

When you have no grounds for impeachment of course the support will be unstable

Josh Ya
Josh Ya 5 months

Remember the poll having Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election? Yeah.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 5 months

havent seen the raw poll but I bet if corrected it's much lower anyone have a link to the poll?

Doge TV
Doge TV 5 months

Of course no left wing media articles.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 5 months

I have been to their site and they have no breakdown of their data available which is a massive warning sign that this poll is trash

NotACerealKiller 5 months

It's anyone else a little put off by the wording of this?

Dipshit Don Sarcasm
Dipshit Don Sarcasm 5 months

never underestimate the stupidity of trump voters.

JMMA-Z 5 months

much lower than that

Dave 5 months

the longer they wait the more he can convince people that he did nothing wrong, the heart of the fact is that he tried to pressure another country using his president power and Congress money to get dirt on a political adversary, despite the fact he was told that they investigated and found nothing, maybe he was hoping for lies to help him, imo if u.s.a let him get away with this then the next crazy pres will do way much worst, remember they used to impeach for a blow job...(i know there was more but still)

porcus 5 months

This is pretty predictable - Trump's approval ratings with his base have not changed, and the rises and dips are largely from the centrists. They will come back to supporting Trump because there is nothing to impeach him for and he is far better than the Leftist candidates running as Democrats.

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 5 months

Polls dont mean shit, positive or negative of Trump.

Rocky 5 months

HaHaHa. Saw this coming. Now you will lose the house too and all you did with it was fight to remove the president. Pathetic do nothings... and yes I know about the bills the house passed the the Senate shelved or outright voted down. Those were crap partisan rags. They need to work in a bipartisan fashion to get work done FOR THE PEOPLE. I'm not talking about passing more shit bills either. I'm talking about reducing federal government and deregulation. I'm talking about getting rid of useless executive and legislative agencies drain resources and raising costs on everything we use. I'm talking about getting rid of government from business to eliminate corruption in politics. I'm talking about balancing the budget and fixing entitlements. Restore Our Constitutional Republic Again!

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 5 months

Well surprise, surprise, surprise.

Kenguru Safari
Kenguru Safari 5 months

its funny how they only ask people they think is going to say yes, and still can't get over 50%

Evolved 5 months

This is just one poll though. I’m not pro-impeachment, but the country seems split depending on the news day and the sample population pretty well down the middle.

The 5 months

YouTube is a wonderful tool to reexamine every one of Trump's speeches instead of relying on news channels. that's if you have common sense.

Sharaka 5 months

They should impeach him over the emoluments clause

Sherri 5 months

I'm more than interested on seeing for myself all the wrong doings that Trump cant admit!! will be watching all testimonies!!

FirstCensorshipThenJail 5 months

Meanwhile the USMCA sits waiting for approval coasting the US economy 1.5% GDP and the American farmers billions. Wake up The Democrats and Wall Street are not working for you, they are working for the Chinese Communist Party. Democrats = Communists Democrats are the employees of the Chinese Communist Party working with Wall Street to use your retirement funds to build the Chinese Communist Party's war machine.

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