Protesters in Bolivia cut off mayor’s hair

Protesters in Bolivia cut off mayor’s hair

Opposition protesters in a small Bolivian town attacked the town’s mayor and forcibly cut her hair. The Mayor was also covered in red paint, and forcibly dragged through the streets of the town. This incident comes in the wake of rampant protests in Bolivia, which have seen government supporters and opponents clash with each other.

Edmond_Dantes 3 months

Now do Pelosi

IvoryDove 3 months

Bring back "tar and feathers" for politicians who screw their constituents!

porcus 3 months

Hahahahahahahaha! Pretty mild, hope she listens to their gripes. Wouldn't want her to be dragged through town from the back of a pickup like they did in Mexico last month.

kaaaaaaarl 3 months

Whatever she did or didn't do, violence is not ok, especially in political, civil discourse.

Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher 3 months

She was corrupt and was part of the voting fraud. She was attacked by people from her own indigenous race which says everything.

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