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Marcus Rogers 6 days
Funny how if there was actually anything on Trump they would have run with it day and night, but chance.

Jim Boi 6 days
The Clintons and the Royal Family working together. Who would have guessed that the Illuminati were pedos. And Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself .
NotACerealKiller 6 days
What's the possibility that he didn't want to be punished, so he got himself a new identity (possibly plastic surgery) and bribed his way out of prison?
Daniel McEwen 6 days
There were those rumors of the Bohemian Grove in California. The rich and powerful supposedly met there engaging in all kinds of weird rituals. There are people who said there were there as kids who were sexually abused. They also said some of the kids were set loose to be hunted down by dogs. Don't know what, if any of that, is true. Epstein might just be the tip of the iceberg.
Barry 6 days
Epstein isn't dead

porcus 6 days
I don't know that the story was killed to protect the Clintons... but the story WAS killed. No credible explanation given. And Epstein WAS famous and well-known; LOTS of journalists "partied" with him.
Caleb Story 6 days
the story wasn't the only thing killed....
Barry 6 days
the journalist involved wasn't told not to investigate tho. if she continued down the trail she might've hit something to get her on the air. and Epstein's not dead

Paul C 6 days
Doubt Cenk Uygur would agree, but I'll throw in a hearty "Of course!" on this one.
The Oracle8191 6 days
"IT'S BULLSHIT!!" He needs some bacon grease.
Dr. Ötker 6 days
Insert Anna's "I'm Effin BETTER than you!!!! "
HueHueo Suezo 6 days

Obvy. 6 days
No left wing outlets reporting this story, shows you where their loyalties lay.
America 6 days
So edit the story and add a link. Or just keep whining.
Interdimensional alien 6 days
@America, I think the point is, you won't find any coverage from left wing outlets. As someone pointed out, after the project veritas video leaked her candid statements, she went on to make a highly legalese/milquetoast statement claiming that there was no suppression of the story. So either she's got mental health issues that cause her to say things she doesn't mean candidly or she meant it, but getting caught with her pants down required a public apology if she wants a paycheck.
NotACerealKiller 6 days
@America. Had a Google. The only non tabloid sources reporting this are the ones already linked. This commenter can't actually do anything short of writing an article on behalf of a major news network. Complaining, is the likely extent of what he can do without breaking the law.

Scott in FLorida 6 days
NONE OF THAT MATTERS!!!! what matters is Disney / ABC allowed childern to be sexualy molested when they could have exposed it. Do not fall for the propaganda attempting to cloud the basic fact that ABC the reporter and Disney knowingly allowing small girls as young as 14 to be molested. That is what these people did.
white cis male monster! 5 days
Same with the Rotherham scandal in the Uk where girls as 13 were being groomed and raped by Muslim men and the authorities (all left wing) ordered the cops not to intervene in case they were called racist. This went on for 4 decades and over 1 million white British kids were abused by men who saw it as their religious duty to do so since our children are fair game because they are whores and “Kafir” in their eyes. All the very worst things seem to happen while the Left are running things.

Binx1 6 days
she is pushing Chelsea the dog,😝😝😝 (for president.)

Monster Mash 6 days
Honestly I think it goes far deeper than the "Clinton body count" and covering prince Andrews arse. I am not saying they aren't involved, I am just saying I wouldn't be shocked if Thier was far bigger fish pull Thier strings. The royal family and the Clintons may have some seriously evil sketetons in Thier closet. But they are just smart enough not to leave such and easy to follow trail.

Kyle G 6 days
Where the left wing media at???? I thought they fought for women and children 🤔
Morty Snerd 6 days
lol, only certain “special” women and children.
Martin Lamontagne 6 days
You thought wrong.
noonespecific 6 days
Dave Chapelle told a story of the pimp iceberg slim that describes how the left treats women(or any marginalized group) beat the crap out of them then be nice to them just enough so they think they are the good guy.

Asura Bomb 6 days
Hillary is like Voldemort at this point.

Jason J Mitchell 6 days

I have no idea 6 days
Love the new headline.

Tim Baker 6 days
Hopefully some good will come of all this sadly I highly doubt it.

Ayayron 5 days
ABC execs like little kids

Jwins 6 days
Notice how the real article have no mention of the clinton...but always coming back to the Clinton's is wearing me out I didnt like them that much eaith so always having everything brought. ack to a conspiracy about the Clinton's who hold absolutely no government positions anymore is exhausting...the person who shared these articles made that headline...absolute biased allegation...neither mention the Clinton's just the prince..please read the articles. And if you want to no the truth I would not be surprised if Some higher up people like the Clinton's or people they know new more about this but according to court filings that got withdrawn due to death threats a 14 year old claimed trump and epstein rsped her...this came out during his campaign for president...before the whole Epstein thing blew up....I wouldn't be surprised if other goverment officials knew as well...down with them all I say..but open your eyes.
ardurren 6 days
they say ignorance is bliss. I envy you
Edward Williams 6 days
I just face-palmed so hard the sound was heard in space.
Jwins 6 days
please take a screen shot where it said they were covering for the clintons... I heard they were having pressure from the royals...really please I'm waiting

Barry 6 days
not that I support either side here but the allegations about Brett were aired out in Congress for all to see. if she only had one interview with no corroboration an editors not gonna go for it. on the money side at a time when interviewing the royals was a big deal, putting something like this on the air without having every t dotted and i crossed would be suicide

filchface 5 days
When do these assholes throw their hands up and say: “ok, you got us, we are jerk offs with no moral compass!” When? Think about the children they are raising. Our country and planet are doomed.

RJOHN 5 days
Nothing to see here, move along.

Darth Vader 5 days
Their should be a investigation into ABC, whether they appoint someone or the Justice department investigates. Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself

Andrew Johnston 5 days
There is no justice with social justice