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Adam Marceau 6 days
honestly would be better than the entire democratic field at this point
Randy Rand 6 days
Wrong, Tulsi Gabbard would be better than this autistic vaccine victim.
The Inquisitor 6 days
Have something against autists randy?
Paooul 6 days
Have something against vaccines Randy?

Edward Williams 6 days
Jason J Mitchell 5 days
Nikki Haley/ Ben Carson Give the intersectional leftists heart failure.
Connor 5 days
Lol Ben Carson
Ironic Shitposting 5 days
CallmeCarson ,2024

T3hGladiator 6 days
10 years ago, I never would have thought I would vote Kanye to do anything, not even dog catcher. Now...? I dunno, if he keeps going like he's going right now? Kanye 2024
Andrew 1010 6 days
Yeahhhhh.. Not a chance dude. Donald Trump worked out because yeah he was a reality star but more importantly he is a business owner and realstate developer so he knows a thing or two about job creation, financing, the economy, stock market. He also had quite an involvement in politics already, and foreign policy. He also has extensive experience in negotiation. He also had already run for this position before except as a Democrat. So he had quite the resume despite not serving in any government office. So he was a smart gamble. Kanye West... The fuck is his portfolio?.. He's just a fucking pop star. Yeah so whatever he sees himself as a devout Christian now and he supports the president. Not getting my vote. Too risky. I don't want just a celebrity but I just want someone who can get shit done. Trump has shown that and that will be someone else hopefully in 2024 who maybe could have similar principles and similar experience. Not Kanye.
T3hGladiator 5 days
Wasn't Ronald Reagan an actor?
Jason J Mitchell 5 days
Yes Reagan was an actor. Then head of the screen actors guild. Followed by Governor of California. So basically he had more experience than anyone else at that time.

I have no idea 6 days
I really hope he runs.

Interdimensional alien 6 days
Introducing President Kanye West
porcus 6 days
Ima let you finish, but we all know the real winner is Trump. ;)
Interdimensional alien 6 days
I love Kanye's humility. Christian Genius Billionaire 😂
Mitchell 4 days
Don't you mean President 'Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West'?? 😂

Mike Oliver 6 days
Wasn't this prophesied in Idiocracy? 🤨

rj9955hi 6 days
Publicity stunt for sure. Just look at his wife, that whole family is fake and it is representative of their true intentions. Which is to say, more attention and more money.

Andrew 1010 6 days
...heheheheheeheeeee NO.

Tin Ego 6 days
That’s about how America is heading. Clowns and media celebrities entertain as politicians and leave Wall Street, the military industrial complex and the corporations to run the country

Sir_Kutz 6 days
This guy has been keeping me entertained.

Deborah 6 days
oh this is a joke, I hope. just like Kanye is a joke!

Nikolai 6 days
You guys forget he said in the 2016 elections
Edward Williams 6 days
Oh yeah, that happened
Jason J Mitchell 5 days
Forgot... no blocked it from my psyche

CoLpOeSnED 6 days
well shiit, I should run too

nick 5 days
This shows how little people think of elected officials now. We put unqualified people,so everyone is qualified now. Smh

Paul C 5 days
If he could beat in a head to head election Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, or Schiff that would be an awesome springboard toward POTUS.

Petri Fide 5 days
I'd encourage Kanye to run against any number of California Democrats; as a D, R or I.

justjake 6 days
kanye understands the current meta

John Wilson 5 days
president is too big. but it appears absolutely anyone can be in congress.

bobby_5150 5 days
I love all of this hate. And most of it is coming from people who think Michelle Obama should run for president.

Connor 5 days
Hats off to him for conning Christians