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Sasu 6 days
"We have evidence that will impeach the president, but because of the safety of the individual we cannot show it to you or the rest of congress. So you will just have to believe us because there is no reason for us to lie." - Democrats
Evil Smoo 6 days
That is exactly half true. Too many Democrats are idiots, yes. But aren't there more than a couple Republicans coming forward now, backing up the story?
Beisht Kione 6 days
Are they backing it up though? Or are they just speculating?
Adam Marceau 6 days
those are selective leaks and bias media pick a actual right wing source (not fox) they havent been right for a few years now. BB had a good peice actually breaking down what was said as opposed to what the MSM is pushing

Paul C 6 days
Dear so-called lawyer: fuck you and your coup.

bobby_5150 6 days
Buulllll Shift.

Beisht Kione 6 days
Eric Ciaramella is not in danger. He's no Snowden or Assange. Not even close.

VaasDC 6 days
but I thought the whistleblowers name was already mentioned in news articles not to long ago...isnt it public info now?

- Minus - 6 days
Firing squad or hanging maybe

Adam 6 days
So what happens when this so-called whistleblower "dies"? Not that I don't trust the dems, but this kind or reminds me of the time my fake internet girlfriend and I broke up...
IvoryDove 6 days
If he dies in protective custody with broken neck bones, do we assume it was suicide? Epstein didn't kill himself.

Syrocynical 6 days
one has a right to know their accuser

Interdimensional alien 6 days
Why would he be in any danger if he's the hero that they're painting him to be?

Roamer MGTOW 6 days
hes one to talk about danger.

Gucci Swag B 6 days
In danger of what? Being exposed as a partisan hack?

Wholly 6 days
One slip and he's on the Clinton list.

Kyle G 6 days
The deep state likes him, so you know he is completely safe.

LockHimUp 6 days
I don't blame him, it would not surprise me if Radical trumpers attacked him.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
Why would a trumper attack? If anything Trump supporters don’t believe Trump is guilty at all and would be willing to protect this “whistleblower” so he is shown as a partisan hack.
porcus 6 days
@lock, the vast majority of reported "attacks" are by Leftists and/or the so-called "victims". You are not fooling anyone.

Mr. Spartacus 5 days
Whistleblower safety huh? *Cough* Snowden *cough* assange
Otis B Driftwood 5 days
They didn't fill out the proper forms. Adam Schiff knows where they are.
Mr. Spartacus 5 days
So to be a “real” whistleblower and expose your government you have to ask permission from that government first?
Otis B Driftwood 3 days

not the 1% 5 days
US whistle blower laws!!??!!?? I am laughing so hard rite now! The ones that are protecting Snowden and Assange? Ohhhh U mean the ones PROSECUTING them! I get it now😉😉 nudge nudge C’mon trump! Lock her up! “Epstein” the shit out of that partisan hack and anyone else their metadata implicates, that tried to get u! And pardon the two ACTUAL heroes that called for “systemic change” — as well as all the rest that haven’t grabbed the headlines because of the corrupt MSM...pukes who fire people to protect paedos like Epstein et al